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xbox360controllerUnlocking achievements is a fun reminder of progress for some, or a cursing addiction worse than death itself for others. Either way, Microsoft has now made it just a little bit worse. The gamerscore rules have changed.

As of now, a single Xbox 360 retail release has a higher potential gamerscore than ever before. The maximum now, per game, is 1750 GS and eighty achievements for a full game.

The previous limit was 1250 that was set in 2007. Gamerscore for downloadable content is limited at 250 GS per quarter with that maximum of 1750 GS.

The only 1000 GS game I have is Avatar, and that was a cheap way to rack the points.

Source: Xbox360Achievements

  1. oh jeeze, there goes even a little more of my life down the achievement tubes.

  2. I can’t wait for a game that just gives you all of them when you load up the game for the first time. It’d be the “Thanks for buying our game” achievement.

    I have all of them for RE5, not including the versus mode.

  3. @Tim

    Resident Evil 5 is the perfect example of weaving the achievements into normal and abnormal gameplay. How the heck did you deflect the arrow with your knife?

  4. @Chase C
    Very carefully :D

    Haha lame jokes aside, go to the Dock level where you grab that key, and the Majinis come out. Before the chopper comes to assist you, there’s like 2-3 archers shooting at you. Just try it for like 1-2 minutes max and you’ll get it.

  5. Still, the only game I’ve ever gotten all 1,250 achievement points was Oblivion (including Shivering Isles). It took 120 hours… but there was nothing particularly odd or hard about them, you just had to complete all the side missions. They were just designed to get you to experience everything the game had to offer. Kinda like the Fable II achievements, but without random inane ones like “Make enemies laugh at you during combat by farting.” I couldn’t imagine having finished all of them (or even remembering which ones I had left to do) without the achievements to track my progress… Oblivion must suck on PS3.

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