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Today creeping onto the XBLA is the latest Final Fantasy spin-off, Crystal Defenders. Crystal Defenders is yet another tower defense games, except with the ‘twist’ per se of featuring characters from Final Fantasy Tactics and being based after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

The trailer doesn’t do much for the game, although it does look dangerously addictive.

Crystal Defenders has already been released for the iTouch & Mobile phones, the XBLA is technically an ‘advanced port’ although if you already have a copy of the portable version it probably isn’t worth getting twice.

Nonetheless if you are Tower Defense junky and a Final Fantasy fan then this will be your dream game, and it is def. work checking out if you want to burn some time.

  1. Wow… the Final Fantasy Advance 2 music felt so out of place in that trailer. All the music quality sounds so rubbish coming from anything but Nintendo DS speaks, lol.

    So tower defense Final Fantasy style? I can dig it. Oh Recycled sprites FTW. what is this… the third game with these same sprites?

  2. Haha I think so Tim. I’ll get it eventually, I love TDs and FF.

  3. Tower defence games are pretty awesome :)

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