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If you’re incredibly eager to step into some hot yellow pants, get suitably greased up and then smashed through a table by a hairy, seven-foot tall monster of a man, then things are about to get interesting ( I know I am). With the release of WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania just weeks away, THQ and WWE have today announced that a demo will be available for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 5… That’s this Thursday!

There will be three characters involved: Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant and his manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The fighting will take place in the Wrestlemania III arena, while there will also be a highlight reel of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Rock from Wrestlemania XV with players given the opportunity to complete ring objectives in an attempt to recreate the famous match.

I love these last-minute demo announcements! They make things so much more interesting.

  1. I rented WWF Warzone 5 times as a kid. Even though I haven’t played a wrestling game since middle school, this one interests me.

  2. avatar Quraishi

    This game looks good actually, it has a great roster.

  3. avatar brody maclean

    hey chris carter…did u go to university at UPEI???

  4. avatar Jamar

    I just came across Kennedy again while winchatg the Ladder Match 2 DVD that had his Money in the Bank win, and I remembered all about how not only was he a thing, but he was somebody who by all accounts (since if you read it on the Internet it MUST be true) was going to be somebody that WWE was going to make HUGE. Looking back, I’m trying to remember why he was so great, and I can’t recall either. Supposedly he was going to do big things with Money in the Bank, supposedly he was the first choice to be Mr. McMahon’s son, and so much more. Just awful.

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