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After many months Wolfenstein’s website has finally arrived, and it’s doesn’t arrive empty handed. Included is a bunch of new screenshots, concept art and a user reward system. No doubt more content will be released in the coming days but for the launch it’s looking great.

There also seems to a mysterious gold system if you are brave enough to register, what the gold is used for seem a bit unknown at this stage, although I suspect it will be used to unlock screensavers, wallpapers and the like.

Also on a side note, the Wolfenstein trailer will be debuting on GameTrailers TV later today, and apparently it’s chock full of gameplay footage.

Check out the site here.

  1. I’m definitely excited for this game.

  2. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a blast for me for about a month, then I completely forgot it existed and never went back to it. I have no idea why, because it was amazing.

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