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Welcome all, to Gamer Limit, your source for all the latest news, reviews, guides, and editorials! Today we’re celebrating our 4 Month Anniversary!

We are pleased to announce our third contest-giveaway. We just received another gift copy from the folks at Strawdog Studios! The prize, again, is the incredibly addicting puzzle game: Geon Emotions for the PSN. A classic puzzler, Geon Emotions is a mixture between Pac-Man, and Marble Madness.  All you have to do is post a simple comment to have a chance to win, so get to it!

Last week’s winner of the “Hardest Boss Ever Contest” is: NeoRyo with “Faust from Legend of Dragoon”.

Want to win Geon for free? All you have to do is create a user name, and post “what your favorite Gamer Limit feature is.” Staff will also vote for their favorite, and the top choice chosen by the non-staff will be chosen after a weeks time.

Check out the qualifying features here!

Only registered users will be considered, (your name has to be in red in the comments section) otherwise we cannot contact you.
Thanks for participating, from Gamer Limit, and enjoy yourself!

Terms and Conditions:

1) Open to US. Residents only (sorry our key is only available on the US PSN store).
2) Staff members or affiliates of Gamer Limit are not allowed to enter.
3) One entry per household
4) Entries posted will be under the ownership of Gamer Limit
5) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff
6) Your first submission will be considered final

  1. Top 10: Cancelled Games
    Because it makes me buy more tissues :(

  2. Oh yeah, Happy 4 month anniversary!
    I feel special that I’ve been here since the beginning of GL and CG

  3. Is this still going on or not?
    Just in case I say

    Top 10:Examples of blatant product advertising in games.

    Have not seen anyone do something like this yet.

  4. Sadly it finished a long time ago, new comp will be up very soon.

  5. Oh I thought it said May my bad.

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