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We are pleased to announce our fourth contest-giveaway. The prize? Any 2 PC Popcap games of your choice! It could be Bookworm Adventures and Bejeweled Twist, or Peggle and Peggle Nights!  All you have to do is post a simple comment to have a chance to win, so get to it!

Last week’s winner of the “Best Article on Gamer Limit” contest is: Leaf Runner. Congratulations on winning Geon!

Want to win 2 Popcap games for free? All you have to do is create a user name, and post “what the most disappointing game ever” was. Staff will also vote for their favorite, and the top choice by the non-staff will be chosen after a weeks time.

My Pick: Project Ego/Fable 1


I’ve never been more excited for a game in my life as much as I was for Project Ego. It promised so much: put your heroes’ save file into a friend’s world to wreak havoc or compete with you; every blade of grass is able to be cut, and will grow back over the course of the game; if you murder a child’s father, that child will grow up and hunt you down; your own children would have a pivotal role in the game. None of these features made it, and the game, I felt, was a very bare bones action RPG. I didn’t know who Peter Molyneux was, when in 2003 he said “It’s gonna be the best game ever.” Now I know better.

Only registered users will be considered, (your name has to be in red in the comments section) otherwise we cannot contact you.
Thanks for participating, from Gamer Limit, and enjoy yourself!

Terms and Conditions:

1) Open to US. Residents only (sorry our key is only available on the US PSN store).
2) Staff members or affiliates of Gamer Limit are not allowed to enter.
3) One entry per household
4) Entries posted will be under the ownership of Gamer Limit
5) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff
6) Your first submission will be considered final

  1. avatar Alti

    Genji. I truly believe it is the reason the ps3 had such a hard time getting into mass market appeal. Ever since it shown its ugly self.. it made the ps3 look bad. I ended up getting it [for 9 bucks] and hated it. Hated.

  2. avatar brodels

    Resistance 2… it’s not slow and methodical like the first one.

  3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I spent $60 smackers on that piece of crap game that had some of the worst gameplay and controls that I have seen in a game to date. I especially hated the rediculous star destroyer force grab sequence that took me around an hour to complete.

  4. avatar Angrydoug

    Why oh why resistance 2….. Insomnia ruin that game them
    You why I play the first one 7 times.

  5. avatar james

    just one word…. HAZE

  6. Hah, Laxman’s totally got it. I agree with that one 100%. That IS one of the biggest disappointment ever.
    I say Spore was MY biggest disappointment. We all saw it as THE game. We could see it being used in schools, people of all ages playing it, unlimited possibilities. Instead, we got a semi-mediocre game. To make it even worse, it came packaged with SECU-ROM.
    Hey guys: Remember, you have to be logged in for your entry to count.

  7. avatar Hei

    Xenosaga II
    not that bad of a game but I was expecting so much more
    and it ended up being worse than Xenosaga I :P P

  8. avatar Pebbz

    Assassins Creed. The gameplay was so repetitive. It was the biggest disappointment of 2007.

  9. avatar Omatsei

    Too Human. I’ve been waiting for that game for 7 years, reading everything about it, and even brushing up on my Norse mythology to see if I could draw any parallels. I played it for about 3 hours, the last hour of which was spent going over the same area, over and over again, dying constantly, until I finally said “This just isn’t fun.” Never played it since.

  10. Got to agree with the Force Unleashed disappointment, maybe Too Human would have been there if I had gotten it sooner but by the time I picked it up I already had heard how bad it was, but I picked up FU the day it came out, and traded it in the same day for Alone in the Dark.

  11. Bioshock.

    Good game, but the hype I’d read about it got me expecting to have something bordering on a religious experience upon playing it.

    The plot is interesting and orignal, but the levels are still littered with the obligatory mutilated copses and pools of blood. I found the actual ‘playing’ part of this game slightly clumsy.

  12. Too Human is the most disappointing, it looked amazing and was in development for so long. Everyone was all hyped for it, then it sucked.

  13. My most disappointing game ever? Devil Kings.

    Imagine Capcom’s answer to Dynasty Warriors. Include all the problems and weird glitchy things that happened in DW, take out the fun, insert the worst dialogue, squeaking moaning ninjas, pepper in the awful camera controls and useless characters and you have the glistening brown gem of excrement named Devil Kings.

    I bought it for PS2 all excited, hoping for something to liven up my hack n slash gaming… only to cry, cringe, laugh and weep. I want my $20 back Gamestop.

    Please, just watch this ending video for on of the characters, and it should explain everything:

  14. For me the most disappointing game would be Phantasy Star Universe. The first 2 were so good that playing them was comparable to suckling on tits of a god. Then, in the respect of the fans, the third game was plucked from the puss filled anorectal vein of Satan, violated, spat on, then sold to the consumer.

    After hearing about a new Phantasy Star game that would in fact not be from the bowels of Satan. I had an explosion of happiness that left me incapable of continuing to proceed with daily life. For whenever I thought of Phantasy Star Universe I would experience a wave of sticky warmth in the trousers.

    I played the beta version, then was prompted by the most basic of needs to slaughter a lamb on a stone, and pray to a god who would save me from the evil that I had experienced and lusted after for months. When the final product came out, again my god had let me down. Like a catholic virgin who had expected cola at the club when in fact there was something else more sinister slipped in the drink, then later in her.

  15. For me it would have to be Fable 2. The hype was so big around it, it was supposed to be everything the first game was not and when it was released we got a game that should have been just a ten dollar expansion pack for the first not a 60 dollar game on its own. Everything lacked more then the original fable release compared to the “project ego” that was mentioned in the article. It lacked in all the good features of the first and added a few features that could have been replaced with something alot better . . . Lets not forget the epic final boss battle! *cough fail cough* “I Keep my promises” is a phrase PM does not know about.

  16. Just a note guys – If you want to be eligible for the competition you need to register an account, then login and post on here, otherwise we can’t contact you in the case that you win :)

  17. My most disappointing game ever. Hmmm. I’d have to say that it was…
    Assassins Creed. That game had me so excited, there wasn’t enough assassinating, it was more spying and following, with ALOT of walking. Walking down from the mountain, walking to the town, getting on a horse, going to a a city, folling someone. Small assassination. Repeat.

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