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Avatar ImageWii Price Hike In UK
By: | March 11th, 2009
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With the Wii flying off shelves since it was first released, I was very surprised Nintendo stuck with their original price plan for so long. Last year Nintendo could of raised the price to £250 and it would of still sold like hotcakes. Now that the sales have started to decline slightly, they decide to raise the price.

There will be an added 18-20 GBP added to the trade price. With the Wii currently retailing at around £180 who knows how this will affect sales. “Due to the severe and continuing depreciation of the pound, we are, unfortunately, having to raise our trade price to UK retailers of Wii hardware,” said an official statement picked up by, “The price that they then offer to consumers is, of course, up to the retailers.”

Nintendo tried to cover their asses pretty damn quick releasing this statement explaining the hike: “We are only – reluctantly – raising our trade price now to retailers due to unprecedented and sustained depreciation of the pound,” said the statement, “This is a problem brought about by extreme currency fluctuations that are a symptom of the global economic situation.”

Personally I think this is a bad idea, back when it was selling more it would of been more effective. But this could turn out badly for Ninty due to recession. What do you think? Would you buy a more expensive Wii?

Alt. Source: IGN

  1. Well, if they are raising the price that they sell the Wii to retailers then perhaps the retailers will take the loss in % as to keep the customers happy. Although I doubt that cause the mark-up on consoles is not that much. I dont think this is a good idea, I personally would not buy a more expensive Wii, but where I am people seem to buy them and then immediatly sell them for extremely cheap because of the lack of great games.

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