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If you believe what you read on most forums and mainstream game media, the Playstation Network is touted as the best model for online console gaming. The reasons are many – the marketplace is easy to navigate, the content is priced properly, there’s a wide open space to interact with other gamers, and so on. Most of these justifications are perfectly sound and completely valid. I’ve enjoyed dancing in a line in the middle of the PSN Home movie theater with the best of them.

But when those arguments are broken down and filtered out, the real reason for its support is loud and clear. The PSN is free for all. But everyone should know by now that free doesn’t necessarily equal good. When a service is free it is accountable to noone but the people who are offering it. And in this case, where Sony is concerned, free equals a dubious amount of investment in the wrong areas and ignoring the core, fundamental faults as to why PSN is at serious disadvantage when compared to Xbox Live.

When the PS3 was in its initial stages of hype and development, Sony touted that the PSN would be everything that Xbox Live was, but without the price tag. Free downloadable content, matchmaking, message services and the like. Big glossy beta images promised a killer online experience. But what we got in the original launch stages was woeful. No XMB in games. Shoddy slow marketplace. No rewards system. Sony was already taking the hit for having a prohibitively expensive system, so touting a free but substandard online experience wasn’t really on anyone’s features list.

Over time, Sony did begin to come good on its promises. You could access messages from players in game, trophies were introduced, matchmaking improved and so on. But something substantial was still missing. PSN didn’t feel like a community. You can’t dump an online service on gamers and expect them to welcome it with open arms. The soul of PSN had been lost in its rush to be created as a competitor. It was still difficult to feel like the online component encompassed the console like XBL did for the 360. The whole interface came alive when you connected, where the PS3, well, it had a news ticker.

Sony needed something big, it needed a place where gamers could congregate before and after games. It developed Home.

To me, Home is the perfect example of an already dubious concept gone completely wrong. It was as if a team of executives found a way to make meeting in a virtual space even more boring and plastic, by making everyone look the same and providing distractions from the fact that you were essentially trapped in an online box with a thousand other people all as confused and bored as yourself. You’ve got restrictions on everything. How many people can use the bowling alley, the arcade, where they can explore, even how many can join a club or group.

In all, PSN fails because it’s not natural. Here’s a few of my ideas on how Sony can turn it around.

Dump Home

Home was a bad idea from the start. Pumping millions of dollars into a system where people actually feel enclosed in a virtual space was a feat even I thought was impossible. Even if it was opened up and players could shape it, Sony would lose the ability to control the experience. It’s a lose/lose situation, and removing it now before it becomes its own expensive quagmire would allow them to push resources in other directions. Sony are pretty good at cutting their losses, but judging from the comments from the upper eclelon, its unlikely this will happen in the next decade.

Wrap the console with the online experience

The 360′s NGE may have its critics but what it does well is provide an avenue for gamers to push themselves into online. Activating a broadband connection tells you everything that’s going on as soon as you boot up – who’s online, what they are doing, what’s new in the marketplace, what events are coming up, what games have released and so on. If you haven’t been on in a while, you can see at a glance what’s happening. It’s easy to join in on any game in progress or join a group of buddies as they do a pub-crawl of gaming.

PSN needs this. It’s far too clumsy to access the separate parts of the network on the system, and the friends list function is appalling. Home doesn’t solve this problem like it was promised to. Sony needs to take advantage of the overwhelming amount of free visual space on the UI and pull the gamer in.

Develop localized regional communities/matchmaking

Outside of the US, one of the major problems for gamers is lag. You only need to hit a few forums to see the compaints about latency spoiling the whole experience for gamers. Sony needs to take the initiative and start prioritizing gamers according to their location. The hype (or hyperbole) of a global community of players has taken second stage to an underwhelming experience of being tossed out of games or suffering through slide-show play time after time. In this case, it’s a problem for both PSN and XBL, but XBL’s system is probably more likely to match you to a local, since it uses its own central servers then relying on the developer’s. Which leads me to my next point.

Create a central system

PSN relies heavily on using servers provided by the developers to host games. Because of this, its impossible to change games on the fly or keep track of what’s going on across all titles. Again, Home was supposed to be the savior of this particular conundrum, but it’s far too chunky, slow and laboured to appeal to fickle gamers. If Home must stay, then allow both a 2D and 3D (if you must) experience for those gamers who just want to PLAY, rather then wander around from box to box, hunting for a “lounge” to “discuss the possibility” of playing Killzone 2. This isn’t World of Warcraft, and this isn’t a raid. I’d just like to be able to jump from Resistance to LBP thanks.

The good news, really, is that Sony is learning, and it is improving. But it’s not fast enough. With every update that Sony catches up to Microsoft, they make yet another step ahead. And if they want to make PSN the console gamer’s true choice, they need to make some tough decisions. Because just being flashy and free doesn’t equate to holding the crown on the online King. The rising numbers of paying XBL users shows this.

So what do you guys think? How can PSN be improved?

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  1. I agree with a lot of these points, and it would still allow Sony to offer it for free.

    I like part of what Home is doing, though. The Red Bull Island and the upcoming ESPN zone are a step in the right direction. But what I think shouldn’t matter to Sony. Almost everyone hates it; they should adjust accordingly.

  2. avatar LevelHead

    “So I’m guessing your website needed hits or something? I hoped it worked.”

    In other words you have nothing intelligent to say. I agree with the article. Most people who say they prefer PSN is because it’s free. That’s it. Which to me is funny because PS3 owners (me included) paid more for their console. So shouldn’t we expect more? You can’t have a console that is the most advanced one way with a higher price and then have an inferior online service and then say well it’s free so who cares.

    On XBL you don’t really have a choice, if you want to play online you have to pay. However to me the service is better so the cost is justified. On PSN you don’t have a choice either. You either accept the service and it’s shortcomings because it’s free or you speak out and want more and hope they listen.

    I truly believe Sony can mandate certain services (they can force Trophies) to create a similar service like Live and remain free. They just need to stop dicking around with Home and focus on PSN and some features that need to be mandated that gamers have been pleading for years now to implement.

  3. avatar Mark

    ^ Im guessing you’re a butt-hurt PS3 kid, yup that sounds about right.

    Beat me too it lmao

  4. avatar Anti Criminal

    Only criminals would be interested in online gaming. The issue is that the Xbox 360 userbase is full of criminals.

  5. avatar freddie

    i have an PS3 and Xbox 360, i like PSN, and i cant really see the difference between live and psn…

    i just cant, who cares if it takes 3 seconds to log inn to psn, and it much easier to check out things on the psn, the new marketplace is slow, if you have gone far and wants to go back to check at some videos or something

  6. avatar LevelHead

    Only criminals are interested in online gaming? I think you’re criminally insane, that’s what i think. When you invite friends over to play games with are they criminals too? XBL and PSN offer the tools to find decent players to play with so no, they are not all criminals online.

  7. avatar nate-dog7

    psn is a great service. why don’t you right an article about how wii’s online sucks instead of nit-picking psn

  8. @nate-dog7

    Because writing an article about how the Wii’s online sucks would be like writing about why the PS2′s online sucked. Neither were designed for any significant use nor were they meant to create a whole online experience.

    PSN was designed to compete directly with XBL. While it’s improved drastically since launch, it still has significant flaws, which I’ve highlighted.

  9. avatar saminseattle

    I only own a PS3, you see that, that is the obsolete truth, I have used both PSN and LIVE a LOT , and their are a few small things that LIVE has that I prefer PSN would have, but PSN is a great online service, I love it and so do thousands of others. All my friends in the US,Netherlands,New Zealand,Australia, UK, they all love PSN, so no it’s not a ” failure “.

  10. avatar samX

    How many 360 games can support 32 players online like 1st gen PS3 games(Warhawk) or 64 like resistance or upcoming MAG with 256… The PS3 wins hands down because of dedicated servers which the 360 has none. The author uses this as a failing point which just shows how much of a moron he is… It makes diminishing BW nearly impossible for people who are hosting games. Games don’t get an automatic “disconnect” When the host quits and it provides a balance unseen in any 360 games… This article is spam and reported as such.

    Edit: Using “Home” as a failure is stupid as well. When XBL is free and offers something on par with home or better then it can be considered a “Sub par experience” but it is far from failure. This article is full of failure not PSN.

  11. avatar saminseattle

    I think of it very simply. When I come home from school I want to play a bit of Killzone2 with some friends, so I send them a message ” hey wanna play some Killzone2 ? ” and then we play some Killzone2 with out flaw. If I can play online games with friends online without problems then I have nothing wrong with PSN, AND its free, their is nothing more me and many even want from PSN, but their are certainly things that , if added, I would enjoy/use. For example cross-game chat. But thats about it.

  12. @SamX

    My argument focused on Sony creating an central cluster to handle all of the top layer information – where gamers are, what they are doing and how to get them to congregate quickly and easily. The current system of invitations is messy and complicated. I didn’t even mention dedicated servers for specific games.

    You do highlight that point though, that providing dedicated servers for games rather then relying on P2P works well. But most gamers outside of the areas where ded servers are provided would be happy to just have prioritized local games, even P2P, then connecting to a 350ms server halfway across the world.

  13. avatar Name (Required)

    only thing that make xbox live bater is cross chat ingame and that is .
    the psn is more easer than xbox live
    the psn have more dedicated servers than live
    the psn support more players than live

    HOME is not fail idoit home growing lager & it is steel on beta

    ther is no 100% high qulity serives
    if you think hader why live fail you well fide it
    so stfu Jimmy P & live your fanboyism

  14. avatar funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)

    I have no problems with PSN whatsoever!
    In fact, i have decided long ago to stop my sub to LIVE and just do any online gaming with PS3 anyways – there isn’t much exclusive titles i play online LIVE plus the fact i don’t go online much anyways. I hate the new LIVE dash look, its so convuluted, slows me down iwhen navigating around’n that.

    Sure, PSN needs a few more tweaks here and there, in time it will happen!

    So, to sum up, PSN is perfect for peops like me!

    ~funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)~

  15. avatar Ven

    Sorry but this article fails…… I’ll tackle some of your ideas

    -Dump Home
    Why in Gods name would Sony dump Home when it’s generating TONS of revenue for them? In about 2 weeks of open beta, Home generated over 1 million dollars. It continues to get better everyday with 3rd party companies now taking time to invest/develop spaces.

    You complain about how you want to go from Resistance to Little Big Planet? Yeah it’s called pressing the PS button > Quit Game > Eject Disk > Load up new Disk > Start the game. Just like you would have to do if you wanted to play 2 different games on 360 that use disks.

    The PS3 makes use of dedicated servers and P2P. It’s silly that you have to pay to play online especially with P2P games.

    Now I will say that yes PSN can improve more like adding voice recorded messages ect, but as it stands right now, XBL is not worth $50 a year than PSN for the few extra features it has….

  16. avatar Shendow

    Lets see back when PS3 came out yeah PSN sucked, now because its getting better everyone has to bitch and lets see PSN is getting better slowly as for XBL is going down hill with more problems then you can deal with then RROD. Its already been said the PSN will have all the things you can do on XBL an maybe better and HEY NO RROD!!! HOLY COWS…That is the may reason I stop buying a 360 after my 3rd on fail, keep in mind I own a new core, elite and a old model of core. Both are dead.

  17. avatar Hugh Isaacs II

    I don’t think dedicated servers is so much of an issue as is integration into other products.

    Lag still exists on XBox Live, and developers still have to host their own game servers.

    The thing is really how Microsoft designed the system software and their own server farm to hold up these issues (if a dev decides to stop supporting a game, players can play via a P2P connection).

    The big thing for me is the ability to access Live via other devices other than the 360 (such as the web site).

    Something I think Sony should focus on is adding the Friends category to the PSP before anything else, the PSP has a large userbase and adding the Friends category would increase the PSN userbase greatly.

    And regarding Home I think it’s due for more of a revamp than to be destroyed, it’s great ideas, just that the avatars are bland and there’s nothing to do. They could just easily update these things without much issue (especially since all users would be required to update).

  18. avatar Assante

    Wow, this comments section kind of turned into a sesspool.

    Hugh Isaacs is right for the most part. Dedicated servers might seem nice now, but when EA shuts down the servers to some games you might really want to try out down the road, you’re going to have to go to the Xbox to do it. See Metal Gear Online for reference.

    Not to mention, the dude that was touting MAG as having 254 player support, I’m going to say just wait and see. I can’t imagine that thing launching without cutting half the total player support.

    The PSN’s biggest flaw is the overall lack of togetherness you get with the service.

    You play a game and find somebody near skill with you, you can add them to your friends list, and invite them to some other game you want to play, and it’s easy to see whether or not they have a game that you have via the compare module. If you don’t want to play the same game, but still want to chat with that person, or multiple people, PARTY UP! Or private chat.

    Not to mention actual movie RENTALS combined with netflix streaming and it’s really no comparison.

    The PSN has a long way to go before it can reach that level of completeness.

  19. avatar Ven

    Assante wrote : “Not to mention actual movie RENTALS combined with netflix streaming and it’s really no comparison.”

    No comparison? You mean to tell me I can’t rent movies from the Playstation Video store? Wow that’s news to me.

    Netflix? Oh you mean the same Netflix I can stream to my PS3 via the Linux side of the system? Oh ok. Not to mention how watching movies via streaming on the 360 is average at best. The slightest hiccup in internet and the quality of the movie goes down the drain. It’s as if the 360 hardly buffers anything ahead.

    Yeah no comparison at all…. (rolls eyes)

  20. avatar gunnar2906

    Frankly speaking this article is not completely true. Here is the opinion from the other side of the Globe.
    One of the points is “Sony needs to localize online expirience”. What to do with that? First of all I must say that here in Russia we have copletely russified PSN Store, with prices in rubles and money transfer system that let users pay directly from their credit cards. That means that PSN Store accepts russian local ussued credit cards without any fee or additional charges. I’m as an user of PSN and XBL was pretty suprised when I found out that not all russian banks were acceptable on XBL, so I had to buy a MS points card. So I had to pay some extra money to a retailer, to MS, to cover all additional expanses because those cards must be delivered, exported, stored and so on.
    Interesting? More to say that PSN Store has localized version (with different localy oriented content) in more then 40 different countries throughout the world.
    Next – there is no problem with ping in Russia. First we must say that internet in the USA are the oldest in the world, but unfortunately american communication devices (at some regions of the US) became pretty outdated. Many Amercans complain about that. Sony offers didicated servers but it locates them smartly. Actually Sony didn’t invent a bicycle here. Sony Online Entertainment (as a part of SCE now) has a successful expirience with onlane gaming already for 10 years with Everquest 1 and 2, Planetside etc. So we, Russians, living on the edge of world (from your point of view) dont feel any discomfort playing online games within Europe. Yeah we can expirience lags playing with american gamers but the problem is not Sony. The problem was mentioned above. From its own side SCE does it is best to keep the level of your service at the highest mark.
    Frankly speaking Sony does divide online gaming regionally and according to my opinion gained much more comparing PSN service with XBL which is much more laggy and interruptive.
    Home. What is wrong about Home? It is too young to say something about it. If it will be developed into something Sony planned it will do bring a lot of fun for users and profits to companies that decides to advertise, show and sell their products by means of Home. Isn’t it wonderfull to find a pair of new track-shoes at virtual Nike Store at Home, eximine them in 3D and order them directly to your door? That is supposed to be. If it works it will raise the level of electronic commerce to the higher ground.
    If we take in consideration PSN video store I must say that Europe has n’t got it yet. I must say that content that XBL offers here is completely unacceptable for non english speaking population. It doesnt offer translation at all. In the US you have pay again to be a NetFlix subscriber. As far as I know PSN offers a direct rent or purchase of video content without additional fees in the USA. Sony promices Video Store to be launched this year in Europe with translated versions of movies.
    Sorry but your article is pointless from my point of view. The recent reserches showed that PSN is the fastest and the most relaible service now among all 3 consoles. PSN Store has the wonderfull free content, XBL users may only dream about, Sony places 3rd parties DLC free of charge for all PSN users (Titan pack for UT3 is the best and the most recent example), while Microsoft still sells icons for XBL users.
    But I must admit that PSN service misses a few of things. Cross-game chat is ne of the things, but dont you think it is not possible at the nearest future?

  21. avatar Rebel

    More whining Sony Fanboys trying to justify their pathetic online service.

    PSN is far behind and will stay that way because Sony focuses on the effeminate aspects of gaming rather than the hardcore gamer. I mean, why fix the XMB and add new online features, when you can create virtual bowling alleys for nerds and sex offenders to stand around waiting inline for an eternity to play.

    Yeah, sounds like fun.

    Sony is the laughing stock this generation. What a shame.

    Oh, and how about Killzone 2?!?! Remember, it was going to destroy all sales records on the PS3 and be the Halo of the console.

    Barely sold over 1 million copies to-date. Sluggish controls, pathetic menu system, lack of party system for friends to play together on the same teams.

  22. avatar gunnar2906

    Sometimes it seems to me that many Americans really believe that the world ends at Canada at north, and at Mexico at south, washed by sides with 2 oceans. Other world is populated with old and lazy Europeans, arabian terrorists and 2 headed barbarians. =) Just kidding. But I’m ablosutely sure that the most of you imagine me, Russian dude, as a black-bearded guy with furry hat with a big red star on my head, typing tis comment with a wooden keyboad and blowing off snowflakes from it periodically. hehe. Shit it is not true. I type with a keyboard made of cast iron. kidding again. It is the latest 20″ iMac here. Dont believe? Screenshot is here:

    I’m not gonna be offensive at all, but this article was a fun for me. Why do you think that if something doesn’t work in the USA, it must not work somewhere else?
    XBL is a wonderfull service. And it was the best. But Microsoft spent too much time repeating “XBL is the best service” trying to persuade everyone of it that it lost its momentum.
    Now it is hard to say for me what is better. PSN works for me it brings me better online expirience, more intensive gameplay with more people simultanaously at a session.
    And I’d like Sony to stop vindicating itself.
    That is all I wanted to say
    Nothing but my humble opinion.

  23. avatar @ Gunnar

    Your own prejudices against Americans are far worse than any I’ve had about you. Your own anticipation of our stereotyping, hence lack of respect, only begets your own.

  24. avatar LevelHead

    Yes PSN offers more dedicated servers. Warhawk and Killzone 2 play rather well with 32 players (XBL has some games with them too like Frontlines with 50 player support). The point is the author is trying to point out the service as a whole, not just cherry picking certain games. XBL is a seamless online community with standard features within every game. PSN is not. Heck, I can’t even talk on GT5: Prologue, so much for trying to be an online community when you can’t even talk to fellow gamers. Home is supposed to do that but right now it’s in a constant beta stage that is very boring thus far.

  25. avatar SolidSteve14

    My only problem with PSN is that you can’t access all of it while playing a game. If Sony wants to gain an advantage over Microsoft in the gaming industry, they need to go one step further. It would be great to be able to access every part of PSN during the middle of a game. I don’t want to have to quit a game to surf the web or start a chat with one of my friends. Take a note from Microsoft. Their Private Chat and Party system is very functional. Why can’t Sony do the same thing with PSN.

  26. avatar gunnar2906

    I wasn’t even goning to be offensive, but sometimes I can read strange words from americans.
    Like: “Outside of the US, one of the major problems for gamers is lag.”
    It is BS. That is why I wrote that the world didn’t end up at the USA borders.
    The other thing that I can not get completely is why I become automaticulaly a whining Sony fan when I try to explain my point of view? Maybe have I to be less exculpatory or less polite? Maybe have I to throw facts in my opponent faces? Without being sorry for hurting your strong stereotypes?
    Then to explain me why I do have a consistent lags playing with XBL and pay for it about 90 bucks yearly. Yeah the price is here $90. Microsoft marketing policy.
    Why PSN should look and feel as XBL does? Stop comparing.
    If you wanna pay for a crap – do it but stop persuade other people to do it.

  27. avatar Jimmy Q

    As someone who does not work in the industry and who has no way of knowing what any of the major three companies are doing with respect to developing any of the their services further, I am going to join in on your speculation, since we are similarly qualified.

    At the end of this generation, Nintendo will have the best online service, and Microsoft will have stopped charging in a desperate attempt to copy them.

  28. avatar Anon

    Im from the UK and my PSN games online almost never lag. Not sure what gave you that idea.

  29. avatar N4G

    Wow, this is such an original article! It’s so informative, from the speculation of behind the scenes resource allocation to the opinions of the “clumsy” interface. The only thing that could possibly make this article better would be the use of facts and/or intelligent arguments.

    N4G really does need to stop linking to these bandwagon “omg the ps3 suks!!!” blogs.

  30. avatar interesting...

    Look, I am happy with PSN. It has come a long way since 2007 when it looked like crap. You guys are getting on as if PSN is supposed to reinvent the damn wheel or something. It’s free, and I barely have lag/problems with it.

    Yes, Sony should implement more things such as the party chat and utilize even more features in Home but c’mon…this is grasping at straws.

    How is it I don’t see Wii owners complaining?

  31. avatar LevelHead

    Why is it so hard to have a civil discussion? My God some of you people are so damn defensive it’s sickening.

  32. @N4G

    How was my article a generic “the PS3 sucks” article? I didn’t say the PS3 sucked, I just highlighted some factors of PSN I thought needed work then laid out some of my own ideas as to how to improve it.

    Last time I read it, there were facts, and I figure, intelligent argument. But each to their own I suppose.

  33. avatar cozomel

    Why are all the 360 fanboys always so offensive? Why do they constantly have to attack PS3 fanboys? They are nothing more than a pack of attack dogs! I own both (had the 360 since launch & the PS3 since Nov of 07) and XBL is overall better than PSN, but is in no way worth $50 a year (or anything for that matter!). It should be free and that is all there is to it! There is nothing different about XBL Silver and Gold other than with Gold, you are able to play online. Therefore, you are simply paying to play online, PERIOD! That is all you’re paying for, nothing else. You wanna play online? then you gotta pay, plain, pure and simple! There’s no way around it, you wanna play, you gotta pay (seems like extortion to me). I guarantee you that if Sony charged you to play online, people would pay it, period, in its current state. Cuz nowadays, people just wanna play online. Live doesnt sell because its so good, but rather just becuase you have to pay for it if you wanna play online and nowadays people just wanna play online.

    Playing online has been free for 15 or more years before MS came along with their bullsh!t XBL. Now i own both systems (like i’ve said before) and have paid for 3 years of Live already ($150), but no more, I have cancelled my subscrition to Live and it will expire in the end of this month, its not worth it cuz i barely play the 360 anymore and its just collecting dust, so why am i going to be giving away my money to MS when i dont even think its right to charge to play online. But then again, what should i expect from the same company that was charging you for gamerpics and themes right from the beginning?

    The things that Live has over PSN are not worth $50 a year like for example:
    cross game chat
    voice messages
    cross game invites
    And a couple of other details

  34. avatar BlingOnMyWrist

    Come on Jimmy.
    The things that you pointed out are really nit-picky and childish.
    First of all, Home is OBVIOUSLY not a failure seeing as how Sony has already made millions off of it already…
    From experience with both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, they are congruent. I never face any lag in my multitude of games.

    As we can all see, the PlayStation Network is constantly being upgraded and fixed. And all for free too. I bought my PlayStation 3 knowing what I was getting and so did everybody else who bought one. With the updates that we receive, Sony is only reinforcing our investments.

    Just wait until next year and see which service your mocking.

  35. avatar Ven

    Cozomel summed it up nicely

    “The things that Live has over PSN are not worth $50 a year like for example:
    cross game chat
    voice messages
    cross game invites
    And a couple of other details”

    That says it all. The stuff XBL does have over PSN is not worth $50 a year. Especially not when considering I’d be giving up my faster cleaner XMB, virtual social network of Home, Game Sharing (I have like $220 worth of free games on my system), Browser usage, ect ect.

    People have been duped into thinking that since you have to pay for something, it MUST be good or the best. Sorry but online gaming has been free on the PC for decades. No need for me nowadays to pay for it and I’m glad Sony realizes that.

  36. avatar Guy

    The Xbox Live Marketplace is also completely free with silver accounts.

    The 40$ premium gold account is for online matchmaking and early access to some exclusive content only (and PS users also have to pay 20$ for QORE for the latter, so effectively the difference is only 20$)

  37. Sadly, why do we live in a world where gamers can’t just take an opinion as it is? I could write an article on how Xbox Live can improve, and how the Wii’s online service can vastly improve as well. I could even write an article on PC online gaming and it’s shortcomings.

    It’s only helping us. The more we voice inadequacies to developers, the more free upgrades and progress we get. Is it worth lashing out because you only have a PS3 and are mad about it?

  38. Lots of people have made great observations about how PSN has improved both on here and N4G, as well as some other ideas on how to improve the service.

    I expected a generally angry response. My post wasn’t to plant hate on PSN or XBL, but just to give some personal observations on how I would improve a service that I use. I encourage productive observations, but personal attacks on myself and my credibility aren’t necessary.

    Chris is right, how can anything be improved if people don’t provide feedback? I’m just lucky that I happen to have a venue for mine.

  39. avatar Durel86

    I don’t personally hate PSN as I’ve only had a PS3 for about a week now, but it is a bit different. I previously owned an XBOX360 and I loved it. They both have their advantages and their shortcomings – PSN’s free, XBL is $50 (not a big deal, if you can’t afford that a year, maybe you shouldn’t own a console, games cost more than that)

    As I get more PSN friends and play online more, I’ll grow to love the PSN just as I do XBL, but I do think XBL is a bit more organized, maybe even slightly faster but PSN’ll catch up eventually

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