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It has been announced that the billionth game of Halo 3 has been played on Xbox Live, that means roughly one game has been played for every six people on the planet. In terms of time spent, if each game lasted 30 minutes, it’s over  64,000 years of playing time.

This is quite an achievement, but I decided to look at what these players could have done if they had used this time in other ways.

Firstly, they could have constructed the Burj Dubai tower, which despite not yet being finished, is the world’s tallest structure at 818m high. Once completed construction will have taken 22 million man hours, whereas Halo 3 players have currently put 500,000,000 man hours into their online frag fest, so I’m assuming they could have built an even taller building.

Next up is the Hoover dam; about 3,500 people were employed in its construction at any specific time. It took 5 years to build, even if they were working 24 hours a day that’s a paltry 153,300,000 hours spent in its construction. The Hoover Dam can store up to 9.2 trillion gallons of the Colorado River in its reservoir, Lake Mead, It has 17 generators giving it the capacity to produce over 2,000 megawatts of electricity and is part of a system which provides water to over 25 million people in the southwest United States. Halo 3 players could, ironically, have built three.

The construction of Mount Rushmore took 14 years, and there were a hundred or so people working on it, once again assuming 24 hour work days, that’s 14,892,000 man hours, or 3,723,000 per president. This means that using the time spent playing Halo 3, there could have been a Mount Rushmore with every single president’s face on, and 90 other important Americans.

Now let’s say that every hour spent on Halo 3 was instead spent working. The US minimum wage is $6.55 and is higher in certain states. Essentially, Halo 3 players could have earned $3.275 Billion working in Taco Bell. With that you could buy Youtube, a football team, or a hell of a lot of beer.

As you can clearly see, that’s an awful lot of time dedicated to gaming, but I’m not sure if I should be proud or concerned.

Oh well, off to play Killzone 2.




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  1. Unbelievable! What about the amount of time spent playing WoW? :D

  2. avatar Holden

    I can tell from two distinct facts that you are a PS3 fanboy.
    1) You said that “if every game lasted at least 30 minutes” well kid, no Halo 3 online game is longer than 15 minutes because thats the game time limit, so you obviously have never played Halo, also making all of your “things people could have been doing” wrong with inaccurate information. Next, you couldn’t hold yourself back from saying “off to play Killzone 2.” I love how all of the PS3 fanboys Holy Grail of FPS’s the Halo killer has a worse average review score on metacritic even though there are about 50,000 playstation only fanboy websites and I love how there are 2.5 times as many people online on Halo 3 as Killzone 2 at any given time. Gotta love it

  3. avatar Wow

    So much hate in your pathetic little heart. All because he said he was gonna play KZ2 at the end?

    You’d look less jealous if you just didn’t respond at all. Now we know it’s success is killing you.

    • avatar Nizar

      / I assume its only slubatie that a blaster as well liked as the Maverick REV-6, 4,000,000 of which were sold, be honoured with a special edition release. Which blasters should be available clear? Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 one of the more flexible Nerf guns available.

  4. avatar madworld

    4 real,that was a good artical,and if you knew nething,depending on the game,there are 20-25 im gonna piss on my halo 3 game and buy a ps3 and killzone 2,just 2 make “holden” mad

  5. What Halo 3 players really could have been doing?

    Playing more than one game.

    That goes for all mono-gamers.

  6. avatar JoeBob

    Sp your argument basically says that all however many hundreds of thousands of people that have played matchmaking should have worked together to do . . . whatever. And how exactly would the credit or cash or . . . whatever be split up? Absolute waste of time article. Why don’t you stop wasting time playing video games and writing useless articles? Oh yeah cuz “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

  7. Mad LAWLS at Holden above. Your calling the publisher a fan boy. To me it seems as though this individual has played Halo, and he is not making fun of players. I play Halo a lot and took no offense at all, in fact I found it very fun to read. Holden, he is also stating ‘if’ a game was 30 minutes… ‘if’ in no way is he saying a game ‘is’ 30 minutes, it’s simply a way to make it easier to read. BTW Killzone is great and just because I own it or the publisher owns it doesn’t make him a fan boy. In fact you are a fan boy bragging about Halo this Halo that. He did not criticize Halo in any way. YOU as a matter of fact are an IGNORANT X-BOT… Gotta love it!!!

  8. WOW now on to JoeBob, why can’t you guys get past the fact it is just a fun article, stop being so dense and defensive and grow a pair buddy!

  9. In case you guys didn’t “get it” this was a joke article.

  10. avatar Kamanashi

    @Holden: Uhh… Killzone 2 has a pretty good score on Metacritic and it is a great game. Halo 3 and Killzone 2 are both awesome. Also, the way you were acting is showing taht you are a Xbox Fanboy. Why can’t we enjoy all consoles instead of being proud of something we didn’t make.

    • avatar Emirhan

      i dont like battelfeild 1943 it just seems so ps2 like the grichaps are okay but the running engine and the controlles are just messed up. killzone is a really good game but i cant beleive a map pack is 20 bucks but i guess thats not a horrible price if its 6maps. in my opinion out of the two i would choose killzone if your a big fan of the killzone games if you want a sorta easy retro world war game then go for battlefield.Was this answer helpful?

  11. Hello. I hope you dont mind me commenting on your blog. I wanted to contact you but I cannot find your contact info. I want to subscribe to your blog for updates but I can’t find your RSS subscription button. Please assist. Thanks in advance.

  12. avatar Dehui

    ok I bought both so here is my hoesnt opinionif you have played warzone (killzone multiplayer online) you will find battlefield basic. I know i didI did like that battlefield is lighter and easy to see targets but that being said that sometimes is part of the negitive about it.there are only 3 maps on battlefield and only one game type. (no assignation, retrieve etc)I would go for the new maps myself but thats just me. or if you want another multiplayer online try warhawk, it hits all the marks but is a little steep on the intial learning curve (try the demo before you buy)also the demo for 1943 is free give that a crak if you wanthope this helpsCheers and outOZWas this answer helpful?

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