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Did they honestly think it would go swimmingly?! To quickly sum up the above picture, Capcom just held a contest in Central London urging gamers to “run around and find fake body parts scoured across the city, and wave them around at Westminster Bridge”. It was only publicized to the gaming community, and not to the general public (bad idea).

Basically, the cops were called and some of the body parts went missing. Capcom even issued this warning “In addition, chicken livers were used for added gore, and, uncooked, they can be dangerous.” Some sicko probably took most of them home, but that didn’t stop 26 year old Steve Long from collecting some and winning the contest. The prize? A holiday for two in Africa. Of course, nervous onlookers called the police. I can just imagine the situation: “Hey! No, don’t worry, it’s for a contest!”, or “Oh no worries! Stop screaming it’s for a video game called Biohazard!”. No charges were filed, but he’s really lucky he didn’t spend a little while in jail in my opinion.

Source: Gamezine

  1. Who’s idea was this??

    If I saw a severed arm lying on a London street, I’d be convinced it was real.

  2. I would have been disappointed if this went any other way.

    Capcom really blew it on this one.

  3. hmmm, I do this every weekend . . . erm, i mean, thats stupid that the public was not warned. heh

  4. Wow, how could this have gone any other way? I mean, it’s a cool idea but… come on, man, I’d be freakin’ out if I saw this 0.o

  5. avatar MueShen

    Idiots.. As if they didn’t know this would cause trouble.

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