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Some surprisingly great news for our usually stiffed PAL gamers.

PALGN confirms that the absolutely brilliant Persona 4, (that we glowingly reviewed a few months ago) has confirmed for a local release and will hit store shelves on Thursday, the 12th of March.

Anyone who enjoys games, let alone JRPGs, should be lamenting this news and picking this up. Definately a fitting end to a fantastic console and a spectular win for PAL gamers used to importing these great titles.

For our Aussie readers – if you find a good deal, let me know and I’ll post it in a special bargain roundup.

  1. About damm time. Sick to death of the Aussie release system

  2. Yeah we def. get the short end of the stick.

  3. Our system is thus:

    US – EVERYTHING except for extremely obscure
    PAL – Meh, can we be bothered?

  4. avatar Ricky

    You know David, it’s not really a game that everyone is going to love.

  5. My girlfriend is obsessed with this game. You’ll have the music stuck in your head for hours, too… I promise.

  6. @Tim

    Not for good reasons.

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