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First announced almost a year ago is Stalin vs. Martians, a RTS… Designed for People*. The title alone pretty much sum up what the game is about, although I still suggest reading the official site for a few laughs.

Last week the first gameplay video got released, and it’s looking surprisingly almost… good… Albeit the video is oddly mixed with dancing, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense (quirky foreign developers, who would of guessed?). Check it out below.

Just for future reference, I’m calling it now, this will be the best worst game of 2009. The developers have even gone as far as saying this game will be ‘trashy and over-the-top’. Nonetheless I’m still looking forward to it.

Stalin vs. Martians is being developed by Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game, it has a planned release date of sometime in the Q2 of 2009.

* Seriously

  1. Haha, that game looks ridiculous. I’m already foreseeing another sequel…perhaps Obama vs. Martians? (Too soon?)

    • avatar Rose

      I enjoy wacky theories, and there are eogunh cases of once totally unbelievably ending up as the accepted theory in natural sciences (Wegener and moving continents, anyone?) that I’m willing to look at some of the funny stuff at least half seriously. But I admit that the true believers are weird. Ok to look at things and to think about them, but you just don’t believe something like a huge hairy primate living in the woods next to you unless you have really compelling evidence. And from what I have read of human perception and memory even seeing something with your own eyes, if it happened only once and fast, isn’t good eogunh. We can be rather easily fooled. And successful conspiracies involving more than a few people… well, lets say that they seem to be sort of rare, so why dig for one when there is a perfectly plausible explanation for what happened.

    • avatar Mark

      As evidenced by ppolee finding this picture and expressing interest, Warzone seems to be coming back. So, there is always the posibility of taking what looks like the support group from a large Capitol force, and playing a game with it.While I am curious about everything else, I’m mostly just interested in those 2nd generation Purple Sharks and Great Grey.

  2. This game reminds me of Eat Lead did when everyone was happy about it. Hopefully it will be as funny as the trailer!

  3. This looks hilarious!

  4. avatar Nazirbek

    Re: “I know you live in an exciting fcnkiug fantasy universe where skyscrapers topple like trees and aluminum jets leave perfect cookie-cutter Looney Toon holes in stone walls”Tam, now you have me confused. I thought skyscrapers toppling like trees and aluminum jets leaving perfect cookie-cutter holes in STEEL walls was just one more thing US TROOFERS were claiming was screwy about the Official Government Conspiracy Theory (OGT).Re: “I don’t need to believe a general who doesn’t seem to exist outside of the conspiranoiaverse….”Major General Albert Stubblebine, U.S. Army (ret):West Point(Class of 1952), Masters degree in chemical engineering from Columbia, former head of the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981-84…. This stuff is all easy to verify.”Doesn’t seem to exist outside of the conspiranoiaverse?” You can’t be serious…are you? Well, actually, all things considered, Tam, perhaps you are really…uhm, serious. Ok,then how about General Wesley Clark? Or FBI Director Louis Freeh? More conspiranoiaverse phantoms?Re: “….believes in remote viewing and psychic powers.”Intelligence services worldwide do much research into paranormal-psychology and phenomenon. Looking outside the box is part of a spook’s job.Re: “….we aren’t arguing your post because you’re a fcnkiug asshole.”GOOD reason, Stevie!Re: “Go waste your time elsewhere.”There’s something on which we agree Tam.It’s been fun (really :-) . Y’all have a nice day now, hear?Bye bye!Stieger

  5. avatar Ancy

    *shrug*Falsifiability. All these things come down to flwaed “scientific” theories which lack falsifiability.”Prove that explosives weren’t used to take down WTC 1, 2, & 7.”"Prove that Bigfoot doesn’t exist.”Prove that the Flying Spaghetti Monster didn’t create the universe with his noodly appendage.”I admit, near the beginning, I was a bit skeptical that a pair of airplanes had knocked down three buildings, but while the collapses look like demolition work, as you say, the idea that buildings that large could have been wired to drop without anyone knowing about it is fairly ludicrous.

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