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Back when Sony introduced the Trophy system, PlayStation fans got laughed at, all the XBox fans made fun of them and said it would never live up to Microsoft’s Achievements. Well, Trophy supporters, get ready, because Sony are about to deliver on their promise of more features for it, and this is just the first.

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for the Trophy system, as the first new feature comes into the station. As of tomorrow you will be able to view your complete Trophy collection on Eric Lempel updated the official PlayStation blog with details on what to expect from the update. You’ll be able to check out all your Trophies on the site, similar to what you can do on your PS3 but with more information given at any one time.

It will show your recent games, how many Trophies you have in each category for the games, the total percentage you’ve accumulated in them and so forth. This is just the first of many updates, later on, you’ll be able to compare Trophies with others, but for now you’ll have to use your PS3 for that.

Don’t forget to check out the blog link to read up on the update. Start collecting Trophies guys, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself, would you?

  1. Finally…..

    Along with the MGS4 trophies, Sony needs this. People think it’s stupid, but honestly, I know a lot of people that between a toss up, choose 360 versions due to Achievements.

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