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An animator from one of the leading UK game developers, Traveller’s Tales, recently let slip a few of their upcoming releases in their online resume. It has since been edited to remove any mention of the games, but before the details were taken down it was noted that both Lego Harry Potter and Lego Indiana Jones 2: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were in development.  As well as that, there was also mention of a pitch by Traveller’s Tales to develop a game based on the upcoming Hobbit movies, although no mention of whether they would be Lego or not.

Whether any truth is to be seen in these rumours we will have to wait and see, but the only thing we can be certain of is that somewhere in Knutsford an animator is regretting keeping their resume up to date.

Check out the original scoop here: Gamasutra

  1. I remember when travellers tales made good games. :)

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