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One of the most long-winded sagas of 2009 thus far is, reportedly, about to be resolved. For better or worse, according to exployees of a UK games retailer, Sony are planning price-drops for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP systems. Although an exact date has yet to be confirmed, the rumor is that the move will occur “soon”.

“It’s been on the cards for a while,” they said, “but manufacturers are not in the habit of giving exact dates so as not to effect sales”.

While this is great news for people hoping to pick up a PS3 or PSP on the “cheap”, it must all be taken with a huge pinch of salt. This does kind of awfully wreak of a blogger wandering into a Gamestation and asking the part-time newbie behind the counter whether it’s likely to happen.

What do we think? Should Sony stick to their guns or drop the heck out of the price?

  1. avatar Jack

    If this happens I might be tempted to pick up a newer PSP model…

  2. If the PSP drops, i’ll buy one, wanted one for ages.

  3. I’ve been checkng out the killzone bundle for a while. If it drops I’m in

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