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Conjuring up images of secret midnight rendezvous, hushed whispers under dimly lit street lamps in the fog and lots of looking around anxiously, Eurogamer has reported that a couple of ‘anonymous’ developers have told them that the new PS3 firmware is to arrive next Month.

In what would be a first for PlayStation 3, Insomniac’s James Stevenson recently revealed that a patch for Resistance 2 is set to enable a second player to join a co-op using a different PSN ID but on the same console. The Gamespot video featuring the revelation has since been pulled but the sources suggest that this is certainly not the last we’ve heard of the new feature, which may also be implemented in other titles following the firmware update.

Incidentally, the Resistance 2 patch will also include the Meltdown multiplayer mode from Resistance: Fall of Man and a “Superhuman” difficulty level for co-op, as well the Aftermath map pack, rumored to feature smaller-scale maps for closer, more intense battles.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. I wonder if they mean the single player campaign.

  2. avatar Ricky

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  3. avatar Belmir

    Hello all. My buddy just gave me a? M-002 that he bought in China last month. The funny part is they alluatcy took the time to put an Apple logo and the text iPad on the back. Well, they didnt give him a charger and instead gave him an iPod charger that never charged the unit. So he thought it was a brick and just gave it to me. Well, it took me a second, but I suddenly realized it needed a regular charger.. ding it works. But super slow and warm. How do I upgrade and find out the specs.

  4. avatar Tiankhe

    Sweet shot Carl! Bet it would look good printed.How are you fndiing the new 12-24 II??Tested the new fixes and love the improvements! Finally! Now all they need to do is add more fixes (like the highlight recovery slider)

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