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Stumbling through the front door covered in eggs thrown by anti-racist protestors, dragging behind it a partner who has divided opinion like when John Lennon married Yoko Ono, Resident Evil 5 would be forgiven for having a slow start in terms of sales. Fortunately for Capcom, it hasn’t, which would appear to be an understatement when considering just how well the thing has actually done this past weekend in the UK.

Capcom’s UK public relations company Monument PR has pointed out the fact that the game actually outsold cinema ticket and music sales: “Game Dramatically Outsells Singles, Albums, Films – Games Now Most Popular Entertainment Medium in UK”. You heard ‘em right, games are now the most popular entertainment medium in the UK, especially when surrounded by the kind of controversy that would make Bill Clinton blush.

  • Resident Evil 5 outsold EVERY ITEM in the UK Singles Chart (Based on physical and digital sales of UK Top 200)
  • Resident Evil 5 outsold U2′s chart-topping new album’s total sales since release in ONE WEEKEND (in the UK)
  • Resident Evil 5 grossed more than the top 5 movies in the UK this weekend – COMBINED (Source:

So, we now have proof that even Bono cannot stop this great game’s surge in sales. As I type, Resident Evil 5 is taking a long soak in the bath with Sheva, splashing around and laughing at the fact that, no matter what kind of shit is thrown at them, great games will always be able to wipe themselves clean and be appreciated for what they really are.

Source: Capcom PR

  1. Bono=Wesker?


  2. Mwah-ha-ha I’ve spent my life waiting for the day that someone or something would defeat Bono. It has finally come!

  3. Bono is the bad guy in Killzone 1… Honestly!

  4. Bono is such a douche, lets all insult Bono. *coughs*
    Bono sounds like BONER.

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