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In a recent interview with Nintendo UK’s general manager David Yarnton, the question arose of whether consumers’ should act early in order to secure a Nintendo DSi for the holidays.  Yarnton’s answer was, as you may have expected, yes.  Click continue for more.

Why the issue of DSi supply stands out among the rest of the interview is because of the Wii’s past supply and demand problems.  Perhaps we could be in store for Nintendo saturation round 2?  Yarnton has the following to say regarding past and present hardware shortages:

” I always advise people to buy early. One of the things that people don’t seem to understand is that factories are producing constantly; they don’t peak and trough. So we’re producing product all the time, but then everyone wants it all at the one end of the year. It’s just so hard to try and keep up.”

Anybody still convinced that Nintendo restricts hardware supplies on purpose, despite this quote?  Does anybody have a Nintendo DS and looking to upgrade to the DSi?

Source: Times Online

  1. I’ll find a DSi if I want it one way or another. But at the moment, I’m happy with my GBA slot.

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    DSI is pretty clever and I wouldn’t mine buying a DS again with the added benefits. I remember how hard it was to find the Pink DS when it was first released, I can only imagine how this will take off for Christmas.

  3. Ahh…forgot to log in for my above ^ comment. However, are they releasing different colors for the DSI?

  4. In Japan they are; for now we only get 2.

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