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A month and a half ago we told you about Sega’s new teaser site, something called Project Ringo. Do you remember? Probably not, I’d almost forgotten myself. They left it without any further information, leaving us completely in the dark. Well all that is about to change as next week we’ll know more.

The latest update to the teaser site reveals that Sega will officially unveil the game on April 3rd, that’s next week. You’ll get all the info on the unveiling on the teaser site, the Weekly Famitsu and of course, right here at Gamer Limit. It looks like the mystery that surrounds Project Ringo will soon be revealed. However seeing as it’s Sega I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Okay, get your hopes up just a little. Click the image below to check out the teaser video. Embedding the teaser site comes up differently now as well:

  1. Hey, I remember! I’m looking to figuring out whats up!

  2. Hopefully it wont be shit. Come on Sega, pull through. Renew our faith in you!!

  3. The trailer is intriguing, could be quite Layton-esque, and I loved me some Layton.

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