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Recently Midway spokesperson Geoff Mogilner told MTV multiplayer that “It’s not our goal to sell ‘Mortal Kombat.” This comes after the news that Midway was filed for bankruptcy and needs to dig themselves out of a $240 million pit of debt.

Midway, in order to remedy their financial situation, is attempting to do anything but sell their flagship IP to the highest bidding publisher.  When asked if Midway had been discussing the selling of Mortal Kombat with other publishers, Mogilner replied, “There are conversations for certain. I can’t say whether this is something that would have happened otherwise. There’s definitely interest in ‘Mortal Kombat’. I’m not going to lie about that.”

On behalf of everyone at Midway, I hope they are able to find a way to keep their business afloat and simultaneously hang on to their golden goose of fatalities.  It will be interesting, however, to see if there is any other way.

If worse comes to worse and Midway is forced to sell off Mortal Kombat, what publisher would you folks like to see handling the classic fighting franchise?

Source: MTV Multiplayer

  1. Sell it, liquidate your assets, stick a fork in it; you’re done.

    I hope MK goes to Capcom, where people know how to make fighters.

  2. MK vs. Capcom?

    Yes please.

  3. Capcom . . . they cant make good Resident evil’s anymore but at least they’re doing good with the fighting genre.

    • avatar Miguel

      Has there ever been a Mortal Kombat game with a working combo cunetor? Guess i just don’t understand why people continue to defend this series when we know that Midway cares more about dumb minigames than polishing their core product.Basic shit that we expect from every fighting game doesn’t work in MK. It was funny when they were all glitchy on Genesis and N64, but come on now. It’s been twenty years. Boon still sounds like he doesn’t know what frame advantage means.The sad thing is that every major fighting game website is going to cover MK9 on a daily basis now simply because they’ve backed themselves into a corner where they need a constant stream of new content to survive.I’ll be happy if MK9 breaks the trend and remains a respectable competitive fighting game 6 months after it’s released. But i’ll believe it when i see it. Until then, i have zero faith in this brand.

  4. Resident Evil 4 was fantastic, what are you on about?! And Resi 5 is shaping up to be just as good.

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