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The Punch-Out! series has always been known for offering a selection of charming, glaring stereotypes to beat the snot out of you.  Fighters like “Vodka Drunkenski” and “Great Tiger,” offer a glimpse to a past where Japanese game developers’ naive racism made people say “aww,” and not “arrgh!”  Punch-Out! for Wii has a new fighter in the mix, but whether he’s a stereotype is up to you to decide.  Hit the jump for the video.

The game appears to be sticking to the series’ classic roots, down to the bicycle stealing and chasing riding and jogging scene.  This game’s graphical update has my nostalgia gland pulsating, but I can only hope it has controls that don’t feel like a step backwards.

What do you folks thing about the new fighter?  Does he appropriately fulfill a charicature like the rest of the legendary boxers do?  What do you think his special move is?

Source: GameTrailers

  1. I didn’t really like him. He looks like a first circuit character (forgettable). The true “legends” in my eyes were the Soda Popinskis, and the Heike Kageros/Dragon Chans in the later levels.

  2. I hope his special move is simply disco dancing… fight style. THAT would be amazing.

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  4. avatar Younq

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