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Avatar ImageMythic Map Pack Dated?
By: | March 21st, 2009
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The latest weekly update on has started and ended with hints as to when the Mythic map pack will finally hit Xbox Live servers to those who haven’t yet purchased Halo Wars.

‘’Inching ever closer to the release of the Mythic Map Pack’’

With the final paragraph of this mammoth update

‘’ If we don’t see you there, feel free to hang out around  We’ll make sure the standard routine stays in check.  You make sure you stay safe and Stay Tuned.

P.S. 04/09/09’’

Trust Bungie to leave us a clue like this. Previous updates have had hidden codes for the map pack but none so far with such blatant hints.

Our advice? Save your points Halo players your maps are incoming, or alternatively save those points for the incoming maps but get Halo Wars anyway.

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