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Killzone 2 Big In February

2009 has already kicked off well for gaming, with big releases such as Killzone 2 and Street Fighter IV we can only look to the future for bigger and better things. Are these things coming in March? February was big, but March is gonna be bigger. With some big titles coming its way March could be the month of 2009.

Number 5: Resistance Retribution [PSP]

Fight the Chimera on your PSP!

Retribution takes off straight after Resistance: Fall Of Man, and it follows the story of British Royal Marine James Grayson in the weeks after the fall of the Chimeran tower in London. Retribution looks fantastic, and it’s one of the games that will rejuvenate the PSP, it features 8 Player Online and a solid Single Player.

If you have a PSP be sure to pick this one up, Resistance Retribution will be released on the 17th of March.

Number 4: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [DS]


Chinatown Wars is the thirteenth GTA game, and the fourth on a Nintendo Console. GTA: Chinatown Wars looks fantastic, it brings you back to your roots, its not quite GTA 1 but its close. Chinatown Wars sports a fully rotatable ariel camera, angled down at the action. The game implements alot of features from GTA 4, such as the HUD and taxi whistling.

Any fan of GTA should get this, it looks superb! Chinatown Wars hits the shelves on the 17th of March.

Number 3: Halo Wars [xbox 360]


Does HALO need an introduction? As one of the best selling First Person Shooters of all time any 360 gamer will be fully aware of the fact HALO Wars comes out this month. Real Time Strategy games on consoles never end well, you never get the same precision as you do with a mouse, but HALO Wars is pushing to change that, it wants to be the one Console RTS that blows us all away. Looks like we’re gonna have to wait and see.

Prepare your thumbs, cause HALO Wars will be unleashed on the 3rd of March.

Number 2: madworld [wii]


When you think of the Wii, you think of a pure white, family friendly console that all can enjoy. Well Mums and Dads that’s about to change. In Madworld you control Jack, a mechanic with a chainsaw on his arm, as he competes in a violent television show, and boy is it violent. You can kill with just about everything, from bludgeoning someone with a tyre or impaling someones face with a caution sign you’re sure to come out laughing. Madworld is breaking the boundaries of the Wii’s family image, lets just hope others follow.

Madworld will be killing your children on the 10th of March.

Number 1: resident evil 5 [ps3, xbox 360]


Resident Evil even the creepy voice at the title screen can make you crap yourself. With Resi 4 being one of the top games of 2005, Capcom sure had their work cut out for them in making Resi 5. Fortunately they won’t disappoint. Resident Evil 5 looks fantastic, you even get to play as the handsome Chris Redfield. The control system is pretty similar to Resi 4 so don’t worry because Resi 4′s controls were top notch. If there is only one game in March you can get, make sure it’s Resident Evil 5, it’s sure to be one of the top games of the year. Start changing your underwear on March 13th, because Resident Evil 5 is sure to scare.

So March is looking fine for gaming, you know what this mean don’t you? Bitch and scream at your parents till they buy you at least one of the games on this list. Remember kids, if your parents don’t buy you games, they don’t love you.

Honorable mentions:

Pokémon Diamond
Tom Clancy’s HAWX
Prince Of Persia Epilogue DLC
Sonic and the Black Knight
New Play Control Pikmin and Mario Tennis
Braid on the PC
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
Guitar Hero: Metallica

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  1. Where’s the Guitar Hero: Metallica love?

  2. There’s love for guitar hero, but not when they just take something old and dress it up new.

  3. avatar $$$$$$


    No reason it couldn’t have been DLC, except for the fact that they want MONEY.

  4. @$$$$$$
    Exactly, you dont see Rock Band doing it, they release music via DLC. But Guitar Hero have to repackage it everytime, cossting us more, and burdening us with the pain of changing disks every time we wanna play certain songs.

  5. So there are 52 songs on Guitar Hero: Metallica. And those are just the ones that are announced.

    If you were to purchase all 52 songs separately at $1.99, that would cost you $103.48, as opposed to purchasing a game for $59.00.

    With so many new songs, it makes sense storage and money wise to release a new game in my opinion. This game is going to be the be-all-end-all Guitar Hero game for a lot of Metal fans like myself.

    I’m not disagreeing with you two about Activision milking the franchise, I just think that financially this is better than buying all DLC.

  6. avatar Quraishi

    No love for Pokemon Platinum? Hehe, im joking.

    Great list, Resident Evil 5 is amazing, and I have played the demo like 100 times!

  7. avatar %#%#

    Logic explains that they wouldn’t sell all the songs for $1.99 each, they would bundle it…

  8. @Tim
    Sure there are 52 songs, but with DLC you can choose which ones you want, if i like 5 Metallica songs I want those 5, not another 47 I don’t like. Metallica is good, but they don’t have 52 good songs. It’s filler.

  9. I can think of 10 “really” good Metallica songs, and one wouldn’t really work in Guitar Hero.

    Give me a power metal Guitar Hero instead, not this main stream crap.

    Kicks the CRAP out of Metallica Guitar Hero.

  10. @ Tim

    I forgot about you guys.

    The ideal situation would be to put out the package for Metal Heads like you, but also put it on DLC for the people that don’t want the entire thing. Rock band has track packs AND DLC, no reason it wouldn’t work here too?

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