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When the PlayStation Network was launched in 2006, many saw it as rubbish, but alot of people saw it as a vast sea of untapped potential. However Jon Webb from the SCEA Developer Support Group says Sony have made efforts to correct that and that now it’s up to the developers to take advantage. What’s this all about?

Webb spoke yesterday at the Game Developers Conference about the past, present and the future of the PlayStation Network. While he did ramble on about the technological aspect of having a service up for 20 million users he also touched on the improvements and changes that Sony have made to the PSN over the last year. He talked about the trophies and media bar, but Webb also said that other updates were added that we haven’t really seen. Developers didn’t have time to add functionality into the games because of time restraints.

It's so mysterious.

It's so mysterious.

What secrets does the PlayStation 3 hold? Well, it supports: voting systems, integration of external media sources from the web, location-specific information based on your IP, group activities such as clubs and club challenges, and in-game ads. He also mentioned “socially based commerce recommendations”, which basically mean, if I buy something in a game, my friends will get messages saying that I bought it, and give them links to the product I bought, in case they want to purchase it.

The biggest announcement Webb made was about the PSN’s sub sign in feature. This is where you can play a local multiplayer game, but each player can be signed into the PSN with their own account. LittleBigPlanet allows for this, and I’m fairly sure Resistance 2 does as well, but Webb said that the feature would soon be implemented into a couple of high profile games, he didn’t reveal which ones, but I’m thinking Resident Evil 5. He did say that the system will pull save data from both users’ personal saves and that making this work falls on the game itself supporting it, unfortunately the sub sign in system doesn’t allow both players to get trophies. Hopefully this will be changed in the near future.

How awesome.

Source: PS3 NEWS

  1. When developers are charged for sending their data via PSN, I think it might be a bit rubbish :D

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