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A brand new Zelda game is coming, and it’s on the Nintendo DS. Those of you who expected the announcement of a new Zelda title were very correct. Because The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is coming. And it looks good.

Satoru Iwata wants to please loyal fans of Nintendo, and fans of the Zelda franchise with this new game. Which is coming out in 2009! From what we can see it is styled similarly to that of Phantom Hourglass and The Wind Waker.

IGN report that: “Link is controlled with the stylus, seen controlling a side kick character clad in armor. He’s then pitted against a huge crab-like creature in what appears to be an epic boss battle. Additionally, Link was seen riding a train.” What’s this all about? Trains? Sidekicks? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m exploding with excitement! Check out some screenshots below!




Stay tuned for more information as it unfolds. I’m so excited!

  1. Awesome! Color me excited!

  2. I already had to change my undies Tim. That’s how excited I am.

  3. Yeah this is awesome !

  4. avatar Faren22

    I’m psyched too. Hopefully it’ll be better than Phantom Hourglass was, though it looks like they just imported some of the doors, floor tiles, and monsters straight from it.

  5. avatar Zelda'sKing

    i cant wait for this to come out though i wish they had some new good ones for Wii.

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