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Every time we get a brand new franchise that we love, we pray to the Gods of Gaming that they don’t cock up the inevitable sequel. This isn’t to say that the sequels are bad games, they just pale in comparison to what came before. Occasionally we’ll get games that stand tall over their predecessors, like Street Fighter II or Soul Calibur 2. But more often than not we’re given a game that will disappoint us from start to finish, simply because we can’t help but compare it to the previous game. This is Gamer Limit’s Top 10 Disappointing Sequels.


Number 10: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped


Way back in the days of the original PSX, Crash used to be the king of Platformers. Naughty Dog had created something wonderful, a fast, fun and frantic platformer, followed up by Cortex Strikes Back which was just as great, if not better. But unfortunately in 1998, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped was released. Now Crash 3 wasn’t necessarily a bad game, it just couldn’t hold up to Crash 1 and 2. Some parts of Warped were abysmal, such as the parts where I had to force myself through the levels with Coco on a jet-ski. Luckily Naughty Dog dropped Crash for platforming after that and went on to make Jak and Daxter, which took some of the great elements of Crash and definately improved on a lot of others.

Number 9: Super Smash Bro’s Brawl


Could this game of been hyped any more? Ever since Melee was released for the GameCube in 2001, fans of the series were clamoring for another installment. As the internet built up a fever around the first tidbits of Melee in 2006, we all got pretty excited. It had Snake and Sonic and all sorts of other goodies. On on release, we started to notice something. Not only wasn’t it quite as good as Melee, the online play was absolute shithouse. Although the standard SB gameplay was still flawless, the new title ended up just an expansion pack of sorts with extra characters and stages. Brawl was a great game, but nowhere near as good as Melee.

Number 8: Fable 2


We were all assured that Fable 2 would not be a revamp of the first game. We were told that it would be fantastic, that it would make you bacon and eggs in the morning. That’s how good it was supposed to be. But it wasn’t, it was good, but it wasn’t great. Unfortunately for us, Fable 2 WAS a revamped Fable 1. Things Fable 1 were missing were added, but Fable 2 left out alot as well. All in all it plays more like a patch than a brand new game. Which is highly disappointing considering the amount of work and time Lionhead had to make this game.

Number 7: Halo 3


Boy this one is gonna come back and bite me. Halo 3 is a good game, scratch that. Halo 3 is a great game, but Halo 1 was also a great game. See where I’m going? To be brutally honest there isn’t a multitude of differences in the 3 games in the Halo franchise. Except Halo 3 was probably the weakest in the series. For all the hype put into it, and all the “It’s going to be THIS HUGE” screamed at us by Microsoft, it wasn’t. Sure it’s got great multiplayer, but the story is short and the levels are bland. Halo 3 was a disappointment, and fails where Halo 1 succeeded. To quote a Destructoid blog I read – “It wasn’t that bad, just more of the same.”

Number 6: Soul Calibur III


Soul Calibur. One of the greatest fighting series of all time, or it was. With the original spawning on the Dreamcast and Soul Calibur II on PS2, GC and XBOX. It seemed that the fighting series was off to a monumental start. Soul Calibur should have been stopped at number 2. That way we wouldn’t have to have played Soul Calibur III. Soul Calibur III should have been better than Soul Calibur II, but it stunk. The frame-rate was cut and there was no online play. On top of that Dante from Devil May Cry was supposed to be in it, and he wasn’t. God damn it Namco.

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  1. In before the fanboys! I agree with Halo 3; it was a really good game, but it wasn’t much different than 2. Split screen also died along with 3, so it was a lot less fun to play with friends, while more fun to play online with strangers. Also it was the worst single-player.

  2. avatar Quraishi

    Wheres Gears 2?

    I for one loved Mario Sunshine, I had a lot of fun with it.

    I think Halo 3 is the worst Halo game….Halo 1 had a great single player, and a average multiplayer. Halo 2 had a average singe player, but an AMAZING multiplayer. But for Halo 3….yeah, its not as good hehe. Not saying its bad, but I prefer Halo 2 a lot more.

  3. Can’t say I agree with the Fable 2 hate. That game was really well done and had a lot of improvements over Fable 1, the only part of Fable 2 I was disappointed about was the story which I thought was a lot worse than the story in the first one.

  4. The only real bad game on this list is Driv3r and I didn’t really find the rest disappointing. My most disappointing sequel would have to be Deus Ex: Invisible War. The first is still my favorite game of all-time but I found it more linear and the story was much weaker. Wasn’t a bad game though.

  5. Hehe, I loved Super Mario Sunshine, Metal Gear Solid 2, Halo 3, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That’s almost half your list!

    Either way, I understand most of your points. Maybe you’re expectations are too high? ;D

  6. He’s not saying they’re bad, just that it was shocking.

    Brawl is one of the best 4 player games, but worse than Melee because all the competitive edge was taken out of it. Melee was a HUGE step up from Smash Brothers 64; it put the Smash Brothers series on the competitive map, and spawned countless pro tourneys like 64 could never do. Brawl had great story modes and single player challenges, but it wasn’t the giant leap that Melee had taken in terms of the gaming community. Sure it was more fun for casual players, but advanced techniques were simplified, and all Smash Bros tourneys are still Melee.

    MGS 2 I can see because it went from Solid Snake, one of the greatest heroes of all time, to a brooding, emo guy named Raiden. Sure it was a great game, but the Tanker part was one of the best sections. As much as I love the game, I’d also agree that the plot was terrible compared to MGS1 or MGS 3.

    Super Mario Sunshine? There are a ton of people that like it sure, but the general gaming community has shunned it. Is it even close to Mario 64′s quality? Not at all. I think that’s the point of this article; to show how sequels fail to match up to their predecessors classic glory.

  7. avatar the dark knight

    KOTOR 2 is the most dissapointing sequels

  8. avatar Thijzo

    Silly list.

  9. avatar Gunmonkey

    This list is quite terrible. I mean he got a few of the obvious ones DMC2 and Driv3r but I mean everyone knows that. Mario Sunshine was not a terrible game it wasnt what people wanted but it certainly wasn’t one of the worst sequels ever. Also MGS2 did so many things right that putting it first on the list of worst sequels ever is an atrocity. Maybe it could be #10 or 9 but not #1. The game was good. It played flawlessly. It took a great graphical and length jump(particularly due to cutscenes). Yea they added Raiden which wasn’t recieved well this shouldn’t make it the worst sequel ever.

  10. avatar eadwin

    Crash 3 a disappointment? I thought it was great. It’s my favorite Crash Bandicoot game, not to mention that it is the highest rated CB game on Gamerankings.

  11. avatar RDB

    Good list, and I mostly agree with you. Except with the first spot. Yeah, MGS2 isn’t exactly mainstream. Very convoluted and bissare. Far to bissare even for some fans. But for me and a whole lot of people, it is it actually the very best game in the entire series, and I think the plot is the best seen in a videogame ever. Also, the game is undeniably a major technical achievement, both in production values, graphics, sound, cinematic quality and gameplay.

  12. People seem to be taking this wrong, this isn’t the worst sequels, its the most disappointing sequels. Read the first paragraph and you’ll see that I say that none of the games are bad. Please read that properly!

  13. avatar Dan

    Resistance 2 was definitely disappointing to me. For people that were fans of Fall of Man, Resistance 2 seemed to take a step backwards. The unique multiplayer it once had turned into a mix of Halo and Call of Duty 4. Many people will probably disagree with me…but it was definitely disappointing.

  14. avatar Evilelement

    I agree with the list. All games have nature nemesis which come from there prequels (unless they were rubbish from the start). I think MGS series had set the bar from the 1st game but would have done better if they played the game series alot more like james bond films. I.e Keep the lead role to one person but should the storyline require another character as lead role do this alot later on in the game series. Probably alot of people came out of their comfort zone when playing a different character so soon after just getting into it.

    Crash and the rest of the games inherited a bad legacy. Though development should have listed all the strong points that define each game to preserve the previous games element in the newer game. I.e James bond example keep the women, guns and the car but improve on gadgets and storyline and other things. Sequeals a same as film sequeals they are suppost to alway make you love the series more and improve on areas where the game lacked real focus 1st time around.

    I dont know……….. I think ££££££ becomes the real reason behind many sequels. :(

  15. avatar Hardcore Hak

    MGS 2 was disappointing at the time, but now it’s much better than MGS 4

  16. avatar Boobaloo

    You Can’t see Chun Li’s chuff in SF4 but you could in SF2…. So there’s my choice!

  17. @Boobaloo
    Okay? Is that why you play Street Fighter? Is Cammy’s ass not enough for you man!

  18. The only one I disagree with is Crash 3. I thought it was the best out of the three.

    I’m giving FFX-2 another chance (my 4th one). I just can’t get passed by the girly dialogue, brother dancing every time he talks and the dress spheres. A lot of the dress spheres were pretty useless.

    DMC2 is easy and Dante’s personality is crap. Even on Dante must die, the game was easy. You can just stay in the corner and shoot the boss until he dies. MGS2, I can see it. I love it, but the story does get confusing. Raiden whines most of the time too, and the codec moments can drag on.

    As for the others, haven’t played them. I would put Tekken 4 there. Nice list.

  19. @Naoto
    Had a lot of mixed opions on Crash, Its all down to personal preference really. :)

  20. I liked Crash 3 but in my opinion the cover shows it all. Stupid vehicle/cat riding gimmicks with easier gameplay makes for a worse game than 2.

  21. MGS2 IMO, wasn’t a bad sequel. I actually enjoyed it more then 3 or 4! :)

    Great list though mate.

  22. avatar bateman

    i disagree with SC3. why, why would dante from DMC make it any better. having non SC characters just ruins the whole story of the game like having heihachi and link in SC2, WHAT THE HELL!!!! btw SC2 ‘story mode’ was so boring, uninteractive and a waste of time, what was the point of having a player reach egdemaster mode anyway, so you can tell your friends! so dont complain about SC3 because we all know that fighting games on the PS2 just upgrade the graphics and characters of the series eg Tekken, Virtua fighter, and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

  23. In terms of a disappointing sequel would have expected Fallout 3 on there. However much game of the year and praise and blah blah it got, it was a complete change of form from the previous Fallouts.

    Alot of the list I do fully agree with though, MGS2 is the reason I went from loving the first game to not even bothering with any later installments. Fable 2, also 100% agree.

    Driv3r was my first experience of the series, and didn’t catch on to DMC until 3, so can’t really say there. And only played about 20 mins of SSBM (of which I kicked some serious ass as Samus, btw) so can’t really say there either. Anyways, interesting read.

  24. avatar Toast

    Mario Sunshine was a great game.

  25. avatar Jake

    Where the hell is Gears 2 in this list :S

  26. What was disapointing about Gears 2? I found it a very good game that improved on many areas of the 1st, not sure what was disapointing about it?

  27. avatar Jin

    MGS2 ??? WTF ??? you think it will make you look different when you put big games like Halo 3 or Fable 2 or MGS2 ??? if MGS2 was a dissapointmet MGS4 was even worse cuz MGS2 was far next gen from MGS1 than MGS4 from 3 … and Halo 3 ??? when a game gets many GOTY awards and ciritics give it great +90 scores and it sells around 9,000,000 copies and its always on the top 3 of XBL could be a dissapointment !!!! and what did you expect from GOW2 ??? the game was many things but dissapointment wasnt one of them .the only real list item is DMC2 .

  28. @Jin
    Just because a game is good doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a disappointment. Disappointing doesn’t equal bad.

  29. avatar Name (Required)

    i liked driver 3

  30. avatar Dave

    Perfect Dark Zero. That’s all I’m saying.

  31. avatar fragasaurusFlex

    Killzone 2 anyone? Am I being ironic? Why can’t we all just enjoy a thought provoking opinion piece for what it is? Expectations exist in a rather fickle and subjective sub-stratum of wishful thinking.

  32. avatar Hadlee

    Deus ex 2 was a huge huge letdown. Felt like a step down with universal ammo, no skill system and small maps

  33. avatar Rooster3181

    Most disappointing moment in my gaming history is when they gave me a gay, nonbadass, emo, that looks like a chick 1 hour after playing MSG2. Where’s Snake!? Would the public have accepted that we replace Indiana Jones, James Bond, how about Lara Croft? WTF where they thinking? “hey, lets take out the masculine badass hero of the story and replace him with a long haired fag.” I stop playing after the 2nd chapter because Raiden was an insult to us all.

    Whats up with the Japanese and girlish looking guys anyway?

  34. avatar meowman

    crash 3!!!!????? are you on drugs? THAT WAS PROBS THE BEST ONE OF THE LOT

  35. @meowman
    How?! Crash 1 and 2 were far superior, better levels, better bosses. And gaining new abilities completely ruined Crash for me. He should only have the spin attack, no stupid belly flop. The Coco levels were awful. The only thing Crash 3 did better than it’s predecessors was add relics, which added another challenge.

  36. I forgot to mention Silent Hill 4 and Super Mario Bros 2. Not being able to free roam in Silent Hill = fail. Story was so-so.

  37. avatar The Tingler

    Hadlee mentioned it first, but want to reiterate – Deus Ex Invisible War should be No. 1, not just on the list. Deus Ex is arguably the best game of all time, still, and the sequel not only failed to improve any of the game’s features but also removed a lot of the things that made it so great.

  38. Deus Ex being the best game of all time? That’s very much YOUR opinion.

  39. Funny thing is, I beat 6/10 of these games so they can’t be that bad. Taken out of context of their predecessors, these are phenomenal entertainment experiences. OK maybe not Driv3r or DMC 2…

  40. avatar Doktor Sleepless

    Good job on having the balls to put some big names on there. Anyone else in the industry would back down and pick games either everyone agrees on, or ones nobody has ever heard of. It’s good to see a writer with integrity. Keep it up. I’ll keep reading.

  41. avatar Gabe

    What the hell. I hate how no one appreciates the beauty of Metal Gear Solid 2. The Raiden character change was fantastic. It is easily one of the strongest of the series. Oh, and SSBB, kicks the shit out of Melee. Eff this list for real.

  42. avatar abner

    i was very disappointed with FF12. i was so hyped for it, it took forever to release and when it did had a lame story and characters and was padded to death with lame repetitive sidequests.

    right on with mgs2. i don’t know what they were thinking with the intro of raiden as the main character for 4/5 of the game. i bought it because it was metal gear solid not metal gear raiden.

  43. @Gabe
    Say what you will, all my friends and I still play/all Smash Brothers Tournaments are still Melee.

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