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Games get cancelled. Some are good, some are bad. Some are great, some are so great that the mere fact that they were cancelled leaves you crying yourself to sleep every night whimpering their name. This is the Gamer Limit Top 10 Cancelled Games. Bring tissues.

10. Donkey Kong Racing

Wasp + Elephant = Fun

That’s right, not Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong. The big bad ape himself had his own racing game, and boy did it look a treat. Not only were the power-ups and characters great, you got to ride animals. No longer would you be confined to a kart when you could race on Rambi or Zinger.

We never found out much about the game except for a few screenshots depicting different characters. Unfortunately when Rareware left they took their games with them, so there’s little or no chance of us ever playing this. If you want a DK racing game i guess your stuck with Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Wii.

9. Dead Phoenix

Dead Phoenix - Flew too close to the sun

Dead Phoenix was originally announced as one of the “Capcom 5″; a set of five Capcom-developed games originally planned as GameCube exclusives. However it failed to appear at E3 2003 and was suddenly removed from Capcoms Website, gone without a trace.

Very little is actually known about the game, as it was cancelled in early stages, but you appear to be a winged-man, flying through what appear to be open ended levels and fighting monsters. Rumours sparked due to IGN’s theory that it was the next-gen Kid Icarus. However its likely we’ll never play the original Dead Phoenix, which is a shame because it looks so pretty.

8. Glover 2


In 1998 we were introduced to one of the coolest videogame characters of all time, Glover. Glover was a four fingered magical glove, who is thrown out of a tower due to an explosion, releasing several crystals that protect the kingdom into the world. Now Glover, being the quick witted glove he is, decided to turn these crystals into into rubber balls so they bounce away. You traverse realms returning the crystals, and the world slowly becomes good again.

Glover was received with mixed reviews, and no-one really knew what to think of it. Hasbro Interactive had planned to release “Glover 2″ but the idea was scrapped, and there has been no further information on it since then. Goodbye Glover, we hardly knew ye.

7. Shenmue III

Shenmue... Where are you?

Shenmue is one of the most loved adventure series of all time. Yet since the release of Shenmue II back in 2001 we haven’t had a third. It’s not like we don’t want one, people all over the world are clamouring for Shenmue III. The game has been announced for development and cancelled at least two times, to much disappointment.

Despite all this, a sequel may still be possible because of continued massive fan demand, Suzuki’s insistence that “the story will be finished through games”, and SEGA’s current trend of reviving old franchises, we may get lucky and see Shenmue III in the future.

6. Kirby’s New Adventure

We NEED a new 3D Kirby game

Kirby and the Crystal Shards for the N64 was amazing, seeing Kirby in his own 3D adventure was worthy of a good cream in your pants. It played just like a 2D Kirby game, but on a single plane; [2.5D if you will].  The game was announced and screenshots ensued.

We all expected it to be officially announced for the Gamecube and we’d get a shiny release date. No such luck. The game was thrown into limbo and is currently rumoured to be on its way to the Wii, hopefully we’ll get this game, as it looks positively marvelous.

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  1. I’m still pissed off about Shenmue III. It’s probably the worst cancellation of all time because II ended in a cliffhanger.

  2. avatar Ramage

    What no Earthbound 64? What about Dragonkind(OK yeah I know nobody was watching that game but me but still)? Good list overall though. I’m glad I never heard about Break until now…it would have ruined me to see this come and go.

    • avatar Zamsaiful

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  3. avatar Dan

    I fully expected Duke Nukem: Forever

  4. avatar JT$

    I’m surprised Fear Effect: Inferno wasn’t mentioned.

  5. @Dan That game is still in “development”, but it’s had a good share of problems and will probably eventually be officially canceled.

  6. avatar Teddy

    hello! Starcraft Ghost

  7. oh yeah. Star Craft Ghost is the best game that i’ve never played.

    Thrill Kill deserves an honorable mention at least too.

  8. avatar Johnny D

    I was looking forward to True Fantasy Live Online for the Xbox/X360…
    Factor 5, Cel Shading, console MMRPG… sounds like a great recipe!

  9. @Rick

    I don’t know about that. Thrill Kill was just converted into Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style – same engine.

    @Johnny D

    Dude! I just remembered that game. I was looking forward to it then it just kind of dissipated.

  10. avatar richy

    just looking back at the list…most r nintendo games…wtf????????//

    • avatar Iipank

      Posted on I think it’s entirely pblisose that Mr. Friendly is lying to Michael. But, isn’t the notion that Ben faked the plane crash simply a bit of hearsay?I have to go back and rewatch. But I think it’s fair to say that some of the Widmore team don’t have the whole picture.

  11. @richy
    actually only 4 of them are Nintendo Developed. Star Fox, Mario, Metroid and Kirby.

  12. avatar super_six

    i was looking forward to true fantasy live online that was pulled pretty suddenly after a semi hard marketing campaign…

  13. I feel bad for not including some particular titles, i should of made it 20 not 10 :P

  14. avatar Quraishi

    Not 100% certain, but isn’t Star Wars Battlefront 3 canceled?

  15. @Quraishi
    Pretty sure it just changed developer, bot cancelled. :)
    Thank god. It better not get cancelled. I’d cry.

  16. avatar damien

    what about Thrillkill for psone? that had advertising and everything.

  17. avatar ricky

    @ Chris

    ey man. You don’t know. it could’ve been the greatest game ever. Wu-Tang aint the only one.

  18. @ricky

    That’s true! No one liked Wu-Tang Shaolin Style except me; Thrill Kill could have been THE 4 player brawler.

  19. avatar Fromage

    …I was at first surprised this list didn’t have Fallout 3 on it, but you seem to have focused on console games so it gets a pass.

    Still, I think the Star Fox 2 thing is kinda silly. Star Fox 64 is essentially the same thing, though I can appreciate that the extra time you had to wait was frustrating.

    • avatar majorasmask fan

      i played a leaked ROM of star fox 2 and it was very diffident from star fox 1 star fox 2 isn’t a on rails shooter you move any where.2 it isn’t linear3 you can turn into a star wars styled walker. if you want to play it get a snes emulator and get a ROM of it that is translated to English and has debug removed it isn’t illegal because this game has never had an official release

  20. Starcraft: Ghost wasn’t a huge loss to be honest. It would have ended up as just another bad 3rd person shooter in a nice environment. Blizzard weren’t making it anyway, and probably didn’t like what they saw in the dev process and canned it.

  21. avatar Dakinggamer

    I want Shenmue III and Chrono Break sooo badly!!

  22. avatar Gryffin

    Starcraft: Ghost. It gets number zero; that’s how top it is.

  23. avatar kpdc1

    the getaway and 8days:( i want them to bring them back!

  24. @Fromage
    Star Fox 2 was a completely different game to Lylat Wars. The story and game mechanics were different and it was a whole game cut out, they didn’t just convert it to the N64.

  25. avatar SitOnMyFace

    have you seen vids of Resident Evil “3.5″? The scrapped version of Resident Evil 4. That game looked creepy as hell. killer baby dolls with knives. fucking awesome. even though it doesn’t really follow the whole zombie-ganado thing but instead the paranormal, that game could have been scarier than RE2 (fav). they should release RE3.5 and RE1.5 to the public

  26. avatar im fat

    Starcraft ghost should be on there. I remember waiting for that shit to come out. I only heard of 2 of these games lol.

  27. @ fromage

    Fallout 3 is out, it’s called Fallout 3. Van Buren is probably what you’re speaking about. If you’re just being one of those fallout elitist people then i turn my nose at you.

  28. @im fat
    That’s probably because they were cancelled. :P
    And in relation to Starcraft, I was gonna add it, but decided against it. Read Jimmy’s comment up above for clarification.

  29. @ Jimmy

    We don’t know that, it never came out.

  30. avatar allah

    why isnt the getaway 3 on this list? that series was amazing

  31. @ Rick

    True. I’m definately not the word on the issue, but its just a guess-timate on why it was cancelled.

    • avatar Timmeh!

      From what I understand, Blizzard had come under new management or something along those lines and the new guys aren’t gamers; they’re business men. They make games that make money. And games without sequels dont make enough money for them. I read somewhere that Starcraft: Ghost’s sequel wasnt clear enough for them so they put it off. Blizzard’s games are only good because good games sell better lol. if we stop criticizing them, they’ll get worse. their ceo/chairman/president or w/e doesn’t really even play video games at all. He said it himself at a Blizzcon.

  32. If You were to ask me, I’d guess that the development was just a damn dead end so Blizzard pulled the plug. The last build that I played was fantastic, so it couldn’t have been because it was bad.

    Damn shame if you ask me, Starcraft has little to no canon outside of the 10 year old game.

  33. @Rick

    There were two (one lesser known) Starcraft expansion packs, and combined with the firs game, the story easily could have filled one simple looking shooter. I’d go with Jimmy on this one; Starcraft Ghost looked like everything else at the time and would have been bad. Ever played Warhammer 40K Firewarrior? It probably would have been the same thing.

    • avatar Guy

      So you’ve played an alpha version? I dunno, but I’m gonna go with the guy that said he played it lol

    • avatar Guy

      Actually, yeah even from just the gameplay i saw, it looked really fun. i dont think you can really compare it to firewarrior like that. You have to appreciate the stealth aspect of it all. I watched some vids of firewarrior cause i dont really play warhammer, but it really didnt look anything like Starcraft: Ghost. I mean like, at all. really. I bet if they picked up development now they’d be able to do even more with it :D



    • avatar Jahaira

      Kevin M / About time they brought PS2 eioaltmun back to the PS3! They really are cutting their own throats by missing it out. Dreamcast games would be a great addition as well. Especially if they update the online multiplayer of some of the games eg MSR and Phantasy Star Online. Also Power Stone would be great online. Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue would be welcome additions as well. Fingers crossed it turns out to be true!

  35. @ ChrIStiAN TORRES


    • avatar Ramona

      Astrid August 16, 2011 You remembered all those conovs? I’m crying my pretty eyeballs out while reading this; I nearly died of dehydration (Ok this is exag already) For the longest time I was wondering when are you going to blog about me. (Hahaha. Conceited much? BUT HEY, you love me right? You conceited, I’m conceited. Great minds think alike!) I just thought of another formula (the Joseph the Dreamer one; will let you know soon) What I really, truly wanna say is:Hi I’m Astrid. I love you, my friend. (But you know that already right?)

  36. @ Chris

    Also, like I said, I got to play a build of the game and it was REALLY good. At the time it was one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen and it played and handled splendidly. I was hyped.


  37. avatar Mr. G

    I remember when Properller Arena got cancelled for the Dreamcast. I know it was one of them typical Sega arcade games that probably didn’t have much lastability, but I always wanted to play it and I never got the chance. Also, there was a Streets of Rage game planned for the Dreamcast and that got cancelled. As for Shenmue lll, I think it’ll happen one day.

  38. avatar Mr. G


    The Getaway was decent, I think the control was dodgy. The Getawat 2 was terrible though. I’m not sure why number 3 got cancelled, but I heard a rumour that because it only really sold in Europe and because of escalating development costs, it got cancelled. And with it being based in London like 1 and 2, I think it might of got a bit toooooooo boring, too much of the same. But as I say, I don’t think Sony could of made a profit from a game that only sold in Europe, plus the PS3 userbase is quite small. It might be released at a later date or on the PS4.

    • avatar Sahilkahlon

      Posted on hmm that’s a weird list. for me, honestly, most of them fall into the Watchmen shuldon’t even be a movie really list and yet, here comes Watchmen, and it looks pretty good, so who knows.Of their list, Runaways and Criminal were the two that instantly jumped out at me as, Ooh, that’d be cool. i’m bad at thinking of stuff for things like this, so the only thing that comes to mind is Box Office Poison, which I’d pitch as Friends starring Harvey Pekar. I could see that being a really good indie flick. A couple juicy parts in there for name actors slumming a little

  39. avatar Michellejbuss

    I know it does not count as a cancellation because it is still coming out on PC but annoyed about no console version for World In Conflict: Soviet Assault.

    Not giving up on Chrono Break just yet, once a new generation discovers this game we will be away

  40. avatar Dan

    Wheres Uo2? it beats all the stupid games on this list. The follower for Ultima Online was the biggest letdown ever in MMORPG history when it got canceled. Ultima Online 2……..damnit!

  41. @Dan
    PC games do not apply. >:|

  42. avatar G.

    Okay … Top 10: Cancelled Nintendo Games and others

    • avatar Cassin

      Come ben sai, more often, our thoughts coiidnce perfectly. It will be the age, be what you want, but I think just like you. And also on DK Returns, done by a team like the Retro I respect prondamente, considering them one of the most talented of the current scene. The fact remains that while DK is a masterpiece, Unfortunately, in the era of HD for years now, willy-nilly Wii makes you turn up your nose. It is not just a matter of graphics, ALSO is a matter of graphics. And even with this crap the wii-u is clear that nintendo wants only to continue the road mapped out with that process wii, which enabled it to return to sell the console after centuries of scoppole.What about, as mentioned on gibbarl less money to spend on me Thank you for having passed, and still waiting on that PM amiga scene you promised me

    • avatar Rosa

      I teach courses on film and hrstoiy. I’ve presented papers on old films (you know, black and white, no sound) literally all over the world. And inevitably, friends ask me about movies become a film buff. And when I try to explain the simplest symbolism in movies (like the scene when the planes take off for the first time in _Flying Tigers_ and, since they are filmed from below, the planes look like crosses, ergo, the Flying Tigers are Christ figures saving the Chinese), they stare at me blankly and say, The director didn’t mean that. That’s just how the movie was made. You read too much into movies. Yep, I’m just a film buff, what do I know?

  43. avatar Shadow

    need Shen Mue III !!!!! I know Sega will one day deliver!

  44. @G

    As noted, only 4 are Nintendo developed; and justly so. Every kid that was young when these were canceled was devastated way more than people were by games like Thrill Kill and such. All of those above games would have gone on to be classics on the virtual console. Some of the others mentioned would be forgotten at a Gamespot bargain bin.

  45. avatar harrison


  46. avatar Josh

    Baldur’s Gate 3 was going to be a much bigger deal than several of the games on this list.

  47. avatar Quraishi

    @ C. Rossi

    Same with me, if Battlefront 3 does get canceled, I would cry myself to sleep every night…I am hooked on Renegade Squadron for my PSP and I love Battlefront 2 on my Xbox. I think I just might go out and buy it again because I love it so much.

  48. Nothing beats playing some online games to pass those weary dull hours of the day indeed.

  49. What’s Nintendo’s number? I want to bitch, complain, and moan to them about freakin’ cancelling Super Mario 128!

  50. avatar AmbiguousG

    A little bit of luck and persistence can lead to finding a ROM of Star Fox 2 beta (if you’re lucky, it’ll be the translated version).

  51. avatar Francisco

    Good titles. I’m still waiting for a Chrono sequel.

  52. avatar wow

    damn you nerd talk a lot. it took me 5 min just to scroll down this page.

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