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When you think of sticking your fingers in someone’s nose, balancing a broom on your hand or shoving false teeth in an old woman’s mouth you most certainly don’t think of videogames. Well you might, if you were thinking of WarioWare. Wario is back and has knocked Mario of the party game pedestal never to return. Forget Mario Party, WarioWare is where it’s at, and Smooth Moves feels right at home on the Wii.

As you might guess, the entire of the game is built around using the Wii-mote in some fashion, usually some bizarre way that will cause you to close your living room curtains lest someone see you. But don’t worry, it’s great fun. The game begins with Wario wandering into an ancient temple where he finds a Wii-mote. However in WarioWare its not called a Wii-mote, its called a “Form Baton”. The game proceeds to show you a cute intro video, the thick outlines and vibrant colours give it a surreal cartoony look. The whole thing looks great. But then the game hits you with a surprise; Microgames.

It is delicious nose, you must eat.

It is delicious nose, you must eat.

A Microgame is smaller than a Minigame. So you can imagine just how small that is, good thing Smooth Moves is packed with over 200 of the damn things. As you can see above, picking noses is just one of the bizarre games. The great thing about WarioWare is that it continues to surprise you, you never know which game is coming next and the longer you play the faster they come at you, till you can’t even think, you just react. Each Microgame lasts about 4-5 seconds, shown by a bombs fuse at the bottom of the screen, although after a while it’ll seem like it’s counting down faster than it really is.

Each Microgame requires you to hold the Wii-mote/Form Baton in a certain way, these are called “Forms”. The Forms themselves can be just as funny as the games, and the voice explaining them will leave you in stitches. You start of with the most basic Form, which is just holing the Wii-mote in front of you, but soon you’ll have ones like the Elephant Form, which requires you to hold the Wii-mote on your face like a trunk, or a Hula Hoop Motion Form. It can get pretty weird.

There’s a few game modes to choose from, you’ve got the main story, which unlocks the Microgames. You can also unlock a series of fun character related minigames this way. You can view all the Microgames you’ve unlocked and play singular ones, with each one having 3 difficulty levels. There is also an endless mode, where you play through as long as you possibly can, trying to rack up a huge score, this sounds easy but it speeds up a lot, and you get tired really fast. The variety in the games is what keeps Smooth Moves fresh for so long, and even if you don’t play for a while, you can always just pick it and and it’ll feel brand new again.

Pour too fast and it'll wind up all over your face.

Pour too fast and it'll wind up all over your face.

Even with 200+ Microgames the game still feels kind of short, you’ll unlock most of the games in a single day, and after playing through each one multiple times it can get pretty tiring, and embarrassing. Do not fret gamers, for they don’t call WarioWare a party game for nothing. Smooth moves really shines when it comes to multiplayer, and luckily it only requires one Wii-mote. The game has 4 multiplayer modes, which all involve passing the Wii-mote from player to player, and some allow for up mto 12 players at one time. However because of Nintendo’s dedication to wrist strap safety, passing the Wii-mote around with it on becomes difficult as the games speed up. On another note the multiplayer is some of the funniest in all gaming, it’s not only hilarious to play, but side splitting to watch as well.

The game cannot be faulted technically for its graphics, even though some are abysmal its all in the sense of style. The inconsistency is deliberate and you never know what you’ll receive next. An 8-bit classic or a polygon packed Gamecube game. The inconsistency is what makes the game a treat for your eyes. With the cut scenes being smooth, crisp and colourful the whole game flows together perfectly in a visual sense. With wacky music that speeds up and down you wont get tired of the tunes that run through the game, and with each Microgame having its own music and sound effects, the range is fantastic.

Pump! Who cares if you look stupid!

Pump! Who cares if you look stupid!

If you have a Wii then this game is a must have. Its fun and colourful and a smash hit whenever you have a party. After a few drinks the funny factor multiplies tenfold and will have you rolling around on the ground. Even though the story mode falls a bit short the multiplayer is great fun. You can always replay the game later on and the laughs will come straight back. Smooth Moves is a party game at heart, so if you want a solid single player, think twice before you buy it. What you get in WarioWare is exactly what it says on the box, and for what it is, its fantastic.

Rating Category
9.0 Presentation
Crisp 2D cutscenes and nostalgic microgame graphics all look equelly great.
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8.5 Gameplay
Hilarious to play, but at times slightly confusing.
8.0 Sound
Quirky music and poppy sound effects tickle your ears
8.0 Longevity
Great replay value in multiplayer, not so much singleplayer
8.6 Overall
A golden game for the Wii, Smooth Moves works perfectly

  1. I LOVE the mode that goes super fast, and doesn’t tell you what the Wii motions are. I wish it would have came up earlier in the game. While I hate Waggle controls, it’s fun trying to rapidly “figure out” how to hold the controller.

  2. I completely agree, the game gets so confusing. If i remember correctly there’s one microgame that requires you to drop the Wii-mote. Wear your wrist strap for that one, I wasn’t, I had to drop it then duck and catch so it didn’t break on the floor. :P

  3. avatar MueShen

    Fantastic game, good to see it reviewed.

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