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By: | March 18th, 2009 | Wii
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Marbles! The fun little glass balls that everyone loves to play with, good for rolling, playing and throwing at people. Kororinpa is a marble game. Based on former classics like Marble Madness, you take control of a marble, rolling it through a number of labyrinth like levels. Each of the levels include tricky obstacles for you to navigate around.

With Kororinpa you can’t just blast from start to finish in each level, there are a number of orange crystals scattered throughout the levels that you must collect before you can finish. There are ups and downs to this, it prevents the undertaking of short-cuts through the levels, but it adds a fun challenge to them at the same time. You still have to finish as quick as you can though, and depending on your time you will be awarded with a cup, ranging from Bronze to Gold.

One of the greatest things about Kororinpa is that it is right at home on the Wii, and wouldn’t work nearly as well on any other console. You do not touch a single button during the levels, you control the level, not the ball. Moving and tilting the Wii-mote moves the level along its axes, allowing the marble to move where you want it to. It’s similar to Monkey Ball in that sense, but with far tighter controls, its very sensitive and you can tell that   of care has been put into the controls to make them as responsive as possible. Kororinpa utilizes the Wii-mote far better than most other games on the Wii. However at some points in the game it causes you to hold the Wii-mote at awkward angles, slightly uncomfortable, but not severe enough to cause you to lose control of your marble.

Twist and turn to control the level.

Twist and turn to control the level.

Whilst Kororinpa isn’t the best looking game on the Wii, it’s bright and colourful and still looks great. There are 50 great looking levels in the main game, with varying themes such as The Park, Candyland, Day Town,and Space. These all look equally great. There are also 15 secret levels to unlock as you progress through the game, unfortunately these do not possess the same colourful charm as the other levels, and they have the look of something that was carelessly thrown in as an afterthought.

There are a lot of fun unlockables in Kororinpa, these range from the 15 secret levels already mentioned, to different marbles and music tracks. By far the best of these prizes would have to be the alternate marbles, not only are they awesome to look at, they all have different sounds and characteristic. Each of the marbles have their own personality, with different textures and weights they handle differently in the levels and you’ll soon pick out a favorite and stick with it.

The music in Kororinpa is cheery and suits the game’s style perfectly, but the sound effects dwarf the music completely. Depending on which marble you’ve chosen, when you bash it on a wall or corner an appropriate sound effect will sound through the Wii-mote, for example if you have a pig an oink sound will come out. It’s cute and adds even more charm to the game.


Pig in the big city.

Kororinpa supports single and two player arcade, which can be kinda fun if you have half an hour to blow. There just isn’t enough in the game to keep you going longer than that. More levels and modes through WiiConnect 24 would of been perfect for it, but alas, no such luck. Even a level creator would of extended the replayability tenfold, with the option to play others levels.

Not only that, but the game doesn’t support 16:9 widescreen, nor 480p resolution. When you pay full price for a game you expect it to include these basic things, but strangely enough Kororinpa doesn’t include them. What the hell were they thinking. Kororinpa is a fun game, however for a full price tag and a lack of content I feel that it would of felt more at home as WiiWare, not a full game. Kororinpa will appeal to all gamers, and as the Wii is “gaming for everyone” it fulfils that slogan fantastically, but the gaming is short lived. If you find it for 15 bucks, grab it because that’s what it’s worth, any more than that and you’re being cheated.

Rating Category
7.0 Presentation
Colourful levels, but graphically it's average
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8.5 Gameplay
Great utilization of the Wii-mote, but dodgy camera angles can spoil the experience
8.0 Sound
Great music and sound effects
5.0 Longevity
With a lack of levels you'll breeze through this in half a day
6.2 Overall
Fun game, but it's over far too quickly.

  1. A fun looking little marble game, for what it is. Nice.

  2. yeah, I bought it with high expectations, a few hours later i had it finished and i was disappointed

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