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Street Fighter: if you say those two words to anyone they mean something, gamer or not,  everyone has heard of this iconic series. Street Fighter is often heralded as one of the best, if not the best fighting game of all time. It’s left a grand legacy, and with the recent release of Street Fighter IV, take our hand as we guide you through it.

Street Fighter – 1987


Street Fighter’s debut in gaming was way back in 1987, where men were men, women were women, and gamers were poor. Gamers were poor because of arcades, which back then made a killing with games like Street Fighter. In Street Fighter you play as Ryu, who is competing in an international martial arts tournament, you can also play as Ryu’s rival, Ken. You fight through each stage in one on one battles that 30 seconds long, and must defeat your opponent to progress. It was that simple. Funnily enough, the first Street Fighter Game was one of the least successful of the series. Street Fighter also introduced the 3 most famous moves in Street Fighter History: the Ball of Fire (Hadouken), Dragon Punch (Shoryuken), and Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku).

Street Fighter II Series – 1991-2003

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II

1991 is a holy year for gaming: it was the year Street Fighter II was released, there are many incarnations of this game, but without a doubt the original was the greatest. Street Fighter II wasn’t the first head to head fighting game, but it is credited for starting the fighting game boom during the 1990s. It took many aspects of its predecessor, and improved them vastly, creating a timeless classic that people still play today.

Street Fighter II introduced us to eight characters, with each one having approximately 30 moves, you could progress through arcade mode or battle head to head with the computer or a friend in Versus mode. There were also 4 unplayable bosses in the game.

Street Fighter II has taken many forms throughout the years, as the most popular game in the series it had a lot of remakes over the years, each one improving on the last:

  • Street Fighter II – The World Warrior – 1991
  • Street Fighter II – Champion Edition – 1992
  • Street Fighter II – Hyper Fighting – 1992
  • Super Street Fighter II – 1993
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo – 1994
  • Hyper Street Fighter II – 2003

Each of these reboots introduced new aspects into the game, new characters, new moves and new gameplay. Street Fighter II Champion Edition gave us alternate color costumes for the combatants, and it added the 4 unplayable bosses in Street Fighter II The World Warrior. The New Challengers introduced 4 new characters, totaling the roster at 16. And Super Street Fighter II Turbo giving us Akuma and the Super Combo. This is leaving out the fact that the game speed was increased to most of these iterations, adding to the challenge.

A recent revamp of Street Fighter II was released for XBL and PSN. It was titled Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, it contained the original game and a “remixed” version using high definition graphics and rebalanced gameplay. It also featured online play.

Street Fighter Alpha Series – 1995-1998

Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams

Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams

For years fans stuck with Street Fighter II, waiting, quietly for the next installment in the series, then in 1995 Capcom answered our prayers, the Street Fighter Alpha Series was born. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams was unleashed upon the world, it sported great graphics and completely enhanced the Super Combo system, expanding the Combo meter into three levels, allowing for more powerful Super Combo’s. The character roster consisted of younger versions of many of Street Fighter II’s line up as well as characters from Final Fight, and a few new additions to the franchise, it was pretty great.

1996 saw the birth of both Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. In Alpha 2 the roster was again expanded to a whopping 18, the five new characters were taken from Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, and Final Fight, along with Sakura making her first appearance. It also added the Custom Combo into gameplay.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2

The final game in the Alpha Series saw a complete overhaul of the gameplay system. Players were now allowed to select one of three fighting styles, each one based off a previous Street Fighter command style [A-ism, X-ism and V-ism]. The roster increased to 27 and each returning character got brand new theme music. Alpha 3 also introduced the “Guard Power Gauge” which depletes each time the player blocks, if the gauge empties then you are stunned and vulnerable to an attack.

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  1. Stand up job! I’m ecstatic that you included the “VS” series. X-Men versus Street Fighter is one of my personal favorite fighting games of all time.

  2. I think SF: Anniversary Collection has been added to the rare game lists. I almost bought a second copy when I saw one at the Circuit City out of business sale. But yeah, I’ve played it from time to time and it’s one of the best looking 2D fighters save for the newer KOF’s.

    • avatar Lukaz

      TheGamekid96 / @YouKnowItzTTime81 yeah i feel your pain D: they cselod down our ONLY bowling alley,and just recentley OUR ONLY MOVIE THEATRE/ARCADE!!!!! D:< WTF?!Vegeta:DAAAAAAMMMMMIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Venugopal

      A1ienDrummer / Ya know, Mark’s not the only guy that thnkis it should be called the Street Fighter 2 collection. When I bought this game at a trade in store, Street Fighter 2 Collection was on the tag! XD

  3. @NeoRyo
    I totally agree, Street Fighter games are so hard to come by in general though. I’ve been searching for a copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for over 2 years, i don’t feel like using Ebay. :D

    • avatar Nursel

      That’s an intelligent answer to a difufilct question xxx

    • avatar Mixail

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  4. Don’t worry about that; MVSCapcom 2 is most likely coming to the Live Arcade and PSN.

    • avatar Muhammer

      Seeing as this game has some similarities to smeily-wars is it safe to expect a map editor? Also it seems like this game will work with a single player campaign, obviously with weaker enemies and a stronger you.

  5. @Chris
    I would totally cream in my pants if that happened. I’d love to see Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
    Oh wait, i want 3rd Strike on PSN.

    • avatar Agatha

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  6. This was great, nice work. I’m looking forward to playing Marvel vs. Capcom whenever it releases on XBLA or PSN

    • avatar Raquel

      i have cast vote MvC3 this years fitghin game, SSFIV 3ds ultimate game all categories, because i fell in love with SFIV two years ago x_o

    • avatar Edelrose

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  7. @David
    Get into it! ;P
    I need people to play against!!
    A Staff tournament would be cool, but we all have different systems and not all of us have Street Fighter IV.

    • avatar Gregory

      Erotomaniax / I btchea a bunch of people (incl. myself) who are watching this are like Try these cheap moves on me and see if they work =DGreat review. Your reviews are even more fun than informative!

    • avatar Pavan

      RayaThese are great ptoins. I feel this began as a concise protest on wealth inequality with blame on banker zillionaires but given all the dissatisfaction in the country it’s becoming a larger, muddy anger platform. This opens up many opportunities for the right to skew, twist and rebrand as they do.

  8. avatar LastDance

    I have to say, I hated SF3. The new characters were terrible.

    • avatar Zulfa

      two different types of fun. MW3 will rely on spiaecl forces type battles in claustrophobic settings, like real spiaecl forces fight in, whereas Battlefield focuses on wide, BATTLEFIELD gameplay. Not to mention in battlefield you’re meant to feel like a soldier, whereas in MW3, you’re meant to feel like a badass.

    • avatar Carin

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  9. avatar lo bueno

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    • avatar Sofyan

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  10. avatar Razec

    mmmm el dlojbe sucks y hay muy pocos jugdores fuera d eso el juego se ve genial en 2 dias que salga alaventa vere si el juego valio lapena los72 dolares

    • avatar Carllos

      This looks truly excellent, but now that I’ve seen some Modern Warfare 3 gmaeplay, I think that they’re actually level now, unlike what I thought when I saw a shitty campaign mission at E3.

  11. avatar sousa

    J Street ecdulxed Tikkun/Michael Lerner?! But .why?? You all have consistently put forth a two-state settlement.

    • avatar Kathryn

      xan1242 / @Erotomaniax I’ve seen that some PS3 Slims can play PS1 and 2 games.You just need to download the BIOS’es from PlayStation Store,and then make meomry cards and there you go!It works perfectly fine as long as you have original discs for PS1 and PS2.

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