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Have you checked out that crazy button on the top right that says Login/Register? Do it! Whether you’re a killer Twisted Sister fan or a Mario fanboy, follow this step by step process to find out how you can set up your bio and customize your own avatar when posting your opinions!

Great! Now you’re at the incredibly exciting, unique to Gamer Limit login screen. Fill in whatever you want for your username (Mr. Game R. Limit is taken – maybe).


Dude! The top right text just changed to “profile”! Now you can log in and start customizing your options.


Don’t just stand there, click it! Enter some biographical info for yourself so when someone clicks your name, they can see it. Most importantly, scroll down and choose an Avatar for yourself.

You can upload any picture; the system will automagically shrink it for you (It took 2 months to code that – your welcome). Rock out your Lamb of God, Chris Redfield or Kylie Minogue Avatar, so when you post comments, people know it’s you!


Barockman Obama says “thank you for listening to this Gamer Limit Public Service Announcement! Enjoy the site!


  1. avatar Name (Required)

    “I am also known as the Blue Bomber
    I’m am voting for Ba-Rockman Obama

    As for robot help, dogs are much preferred
    ‘Cuz I can’t do shit with w robot bird.”

  2. avatar MueShen

    Give me points and I’ll register.

  3. I want a Kylie avatar :o (

  4. @MueShen
    The points system is now live! Check it in the top right corner where your login info is.

  5. Yay points! Makes me want to post like crazy! It’s addictive!

  6. Yay! I totally did not just post this for the 5 points!

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