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Those of you who desire a true 3D Pokémon game you could really sink your teeth into, are going to have to wait a while. Pokemon Company/GAME FREAK Board Director Junichi Masuda doesn’t seem too happy about developing a Pokémon title for the Wii.

GAME FREAK have stated: “No, we are not thinking of going into development for the Wii because we feel the core idea of Pokémon, communicating and trading with friends and other trainers, is best represented by being able to go anywhere and bring the system with you. This core concept of Pokémon is tied very closely to the portable system…Yes I believe there is a potential that a home console might have a match for our Pokémon concept, but as I said the basic concept is that you trade, you communicate, you want to remain mobile. If that challenge is met by the home console, then we would consider development, but at this point the portable system is the best match for the Pokémon games.”

Anyone who’s played a Pokémon game knows how great it would be in full 3D, yet they still refuse to develop it. It’d be a smash hit, but they don’t seem to care. Looks like we’re going to have to stick with Battle Revolution until they see some sense.

Source: Nintendo Everything

  1. In my opinion Pokemon belongs on a handheld. The idea of randomly capturing Pokemon where ever you are and seamlessly trading/playing on the go is part of the magic.

    A lot of fans would be very very happy if it did hit a system like the Wii though. Nintendo (GameFreak) seems to like sitting on a ton of IPs that would make great games, like Kid Icarus Wii.

  2. I have to agree with Chris here.

  3. Also agreed. I still like Pokemon games and play them. I have a Wii (Unfortunately) but a Pokemom game wouldn’t work on it for hundreds of reasons.

  4. avatar awesome kid

    I think they should be making another upcoming pokemon game for the Wii console because many fans like myself enjoy a pokemon were all the battling kind of seems real

  5. avatar rockerdude

    i agree with awesome kid

  6. avatar jmoney

    what about Pokemon Colosseum and XD??
    those were awesome titles…yeah they lacked the online trading/battling and the deeper story line…but i think gamefreak and nintendo can work on bringing us that game we have all been waiting for by combining the handheld games, the gamecube titles, and the stadium titles. Battle Revolution was a letdown

  7. avatar Mark

    what about playing online. Like xbox live for wii where each trainer starts out and goes on their own pokemon adventure in the game and then you can take your game online and anybody who is also walking around you can battle or trade with. You can comminicate by text or by headset through the game. Now to me that would be amazing. You could make friends have double team battles, ask for advice the possibilities for pokemon online are immense. what do you think guys?

  8. avatar sam

    i want a new pokemon wiiiii game because i’ve never tried an older one before and want a high tech one…. if that makes sense….

  9. avatar Dee

    Ok, battle revolution sucked. I want to play pokemon on my Wii, online, no friend codes needed, no lame freaking “3 pokemon allowed, all level 50″ rule for online battling. I mean, yes, the whole GAME, the whole EXPERIANCE, leave that on the handhelds, whatever.

    But playing online on the handhelds really sucks. When I want to really do some battling, serious hxc battling (lol) I want it online in 3D. they Reeeeally dropped the ball on battle rev, which sucked. No online tourneys, ranking board, no interesting ways of setting battles, no gametags, I know nintendo sucks for online battling, but battling with a competitive team is really coolest and most entertaining part of the game.

    Friend codes? Come on nintendo! You can do SO much better. It just makes me mad.

    Make a game for Wii, where you can chose battle tiers to play on online, have real scoring and ranking systems, where you can actually see the fruit of all your hard work PLAYING the game on the STUPId handheld. What’s the point of all that breeding and hard work if you can’t get online and take it for a REAL spin.

    I mean, most real competive players just A) wait for a stupid tournament once a year-which is, by the way, really only catered to the REAL HXC pokemon fanatics (what about us casual/semi-skilled players? Huh??)
    B)get on gamefaqs, which is a pain and still doesn’t even close to compare to the potention of a REAL online pokemon colleseum game

    BATTLE REVOLUTION SUCKED. Nintendo, do you WANT to make money? Give us something to sink our teeth into!! I’ll play pokemon on the handheld. But I want to see my hardwork training all those little demons come to life on the big screen against thousands of real-life, like minded players. At my finger tips. Come ON already.

  10. avatar bob

    they should make a pokemon game were you can choose what region you want to start off in and the you beet the elite 4 and then go to the next region and then do it over and over until you beat every single region

  11. avatar bob

    they should make a pokemon game were you can choose what region you want to start off in and the you beet the elite 4 and then go to the next region and then do it over and over until you beat every single region and you can get every pokemon that way

  12. avatar Peter

    No. Pokemon is still not coming back to Wii. I’m glad Game Freak don’t really care about home console Pokemon versions. But come on. Pokemon needs to go back to the Wii console. I wish Pokemon needs an Orre sequel for Wii after Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It would be nice if Pokemon needs a universal announcement because Pokemon never announce in other regions until after released in Japan. It’s annoying. That’s why Pokemon needs to be popular again in America this year and Japan must share Pokemon cultures with America this year including announcements for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Stop making Pokemon games for Nintendo DS after Gold and Silver remake. Bring back Wii Pokemon appearance. Pokemon was doing very poorly on Wii because of Pokemon Battle Revolution’s poor American sales. Pokemon Battle Revolution do not sell very well because of Pokemon’s Wii debut failure. I hate Pokemon Battle Revolution. Next time, make a new Pokemon Wii game and start sharing Pokemon cultures with any region, Japan. I wish Japan can share most of the Pokemon cultures with United States due to poor Pokemon popularity in United States. Now, bring back another Pokemon Wii game appearance. Thank you.

  13. avatar J bomb

    I want an awesome pokemon game on wii. I don’t have a DS, so I never got a taste of the new pokemon, which is a douche. Although I love playin it portible, I don’t know if it would change much on wii.

  14. avatar Super Dude

    I agree that Battle Revolution was a let down. My Pokemon Ranch was no better. They need to build a 3-D Pokemon game like in the hand helds.
    Also a Pokemon Breeding game would be fun. Raising a pokemon from an egg and training it like a pokemon nintendogs. A pokemon center game would also be fun. You could be nurce joy’s intern or something.

  15. avatar pokemonfanyep yep

    to be honest i liked pokemon BR o just found that it was more of a semi completed game but hey thats just my vote.
    how about if a online only pokemon game for the wii Eg like pokemon platinum but only online and everyone strats off in a diffrent town and diffrent region and you choose to either be a breeder,trianer,coordinator.proffersor gym leader, frontier brain, ranger etc
    i belive it would add an awsome element and even take pokemon to the next level

  16. avatar ProfessorPC

    You guys can only think of hand held and held hand holding hand stuff game for pokemon? What about PC? Why not just make it an online game for PC? GOSH!!! Way better than “hand holding” system!!!!! and for Nintendo, Please make a Pokemon Online 3d for PC. Because PC will do way better than any hand holding system. I would really really like to play a decent graphic online Pokemon Game before I die. Thank you.

  17. avatar POkeMaster epic

    hand held all the mutha lickin way

  18. avatar Anthony from Williams.

    The fans would love to see a great time combination of that revolution Coliseum in HD for the we you? For the fans Create a new x Xd Coliseum in battle revolution combined all together and create a new pokemon add allpokemon From black and white. This will be a killer game on the wii you. This will Good game freak on top as one of the leaders in VideoGames history. Love you all so much Anthony frogwilliams God bless you all!

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