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Yesterday Square revealed the brand new, and very empty, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers teaser site. What a mouthful. Apparently the amount of page visits the site gets determine when we are shown new videos of the game, how sneaky.

So far the site shows a teaser trailer, and a wallpaper that can be downloaded. Two more titles are seen on the left; *It’s Gonna Be A Long Night*, and *Public Spectacle*. Both of these are greyed out though, with the words “More Visits, More Movies!” Flashing on top of it.

You know what this means? Spam the site with visits! Open it up in 1,000 tabs. Keep clicking until all the content is revealed, you know you want to!

Check out the teaser site here: The Crystal Bearers

  1. Uhg, is this Wii only? Can’t be good then.

  2. Why does every Final Fantasy offshoot game have to have crystal in the title?

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