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A British MP has called for all video gaming devices to have a ‘Red Button’ affixed to them, which would allow parents to quickly shut down the devices. The MP in question Glenis Willmott has apparently not heard about the fabled power button already affixed to electronic advices.

Glenis Willmott says many games can help children but that parents should be given the chance to call a halt to any they consider unsuitable.

The recommendation from Europe is for games consoles to be installed with a red button, which parents could quickly press. This would block the game or control access at certain times.

“Research shows video games are useful for educational and medical purposes – and they can be good fun. But not all of them have content which parents will be happy with,” she said.

“Online games, which are easy to download on to a PC or mobile phone, make parental control even harder.”

A red button fitted to consoles, computers and other gaming devices which would offer parents the chance to control access or even disable games with inappropriate content.

The recommendations, in a report for the European Parliament, also say that parental control options on video games should be backed up by more information on game content and an age rating system standard across Europe.

I’d like to be able to say a lot of nasty things, questioning her sanity and mental state.. Although I’d prefer not to be dragged down with legal threats again.

Source: thisisderbyshire

  1. What the hell kind of idea is this

  2. Or parents could take 5 minutes of their lives to read the instruction manual or (god forbid), talk to their kids about how to operate the system.

    This is a joke.

  3. Holy shit… sassy girls these day.
    And for god’s sakes, do we need 50 year olds with IQs under 4 in the public?

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