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The Playstation 3 is a classy machine. Not only is it, arguably, the most powerful console on the market and a player of the coveted blu-ray disc, it’s also rather pricey. That last point basically indicates to the general public that it is a great piece of hardware and, if you have the money, you wouldn’t go far wrong with buying one. The trouble is, people aren’t exactly flush these days, and Sony could do well to learn from a company like Electronic Arts who know first-hand the effect that the unstable global economy can have on business.

Speaking to, Redwood Shores general manager Glen Schofield has expressed concern over Sony’s apparent reluctance to drop the price of the PS3.

“I’m really not sure what’s going on with Sony,” he said. “They’ve been such a great, great partner and PlayStation 2 being such a great machine that, God, I hope they get out of this and they figure it out and they’re around for a long time.”

Rumors regarding the Japanese company’s price plan are currently rife, with many believing that a drop in price is imminent and completely necessary in order for Sony’s machine to maintain a strong footing in the market. During a financial climate that is forcing the console to become merely a luxury item for many, it is companies like EA who will suffer; less console sales means even fewer games sold.

Redwood Shores are keen to continue developing games for multiple platforms, with Dead Space being the perfect example of this strategy. But things are out of their hands with Schofield admitting: “You know, I can’t tell them what to do. I don’t know their finances.”

Perhaps Sony would do well to listen to the thoughts of such developers and work together with them to keep the industry as healthy as possible for all concerned.

  1. It’s a shame. If Sony included Trophies from the get go, cut their prices before it was too late, and marketed the PS3 better (read:well at all), they would have been more successful. This year, the PS3 has so many good exclusives!

  2. avatar Retro

    I agree completely but a price drop wasn’t really feasible. The technology they put into the machine kept the console at that price.

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