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Yesterday we featured the Mega Man 2.5 project, and today we have found something equally awesome to show off, Super Mario Bros. with mouse control… While mouse control by itself doesn’t sound particularly impressive but just wait until you see what you can do with the mouse, check it out below.

The developer has written..

FCEUX is a NES emulator. It has Lua scripting support, and in the latest versions, a feature that allows you to grab input from the mouse and keyboard, outside of the “game input”.

This version isn’t finalized, and the script may still need to be re-written — check , and when the new version is up you can count on the script being released here soon.

For the “tiles” mode, it just shows you the memory address and byte value of whatever tile you’re mousing over. That’s about it.

For enemy mode… you can pick the up and throw them! Some of them won’t work right, but most of them work fine. it’s kind of fun, actually.

I can’t wait until this gets a public release, will make for a great sandbox-esque Mario experience.

More details can be found here and here

  1. This is simply awesome. Nice find.

  2. So much nostalgia recently. I love it. Here’s to MM10, and Nintendo learning from Capcom and making Super Mario Brothers 4.

  3. avatar BlueMaximaX011

    Just AWESOME.

  4. pretty funny, a lot of stuff you could do with that.

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