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It was only a matter time until this happened I suppose. Last night (morning I think for the American readers) the Australian Classification board website was hacked and edited to show what seems to be drunken gamers deepest feelings.


”A spokeswoman for the board this morning said the body was aware of the incident, and was investigating. She said the investigation would look into who was responsible, and how much of the board’s website was affected.”

This just proves. You can’t annoy the internet and not expect any backlash. I for one find this great as Australian gamers and now web users have been getting the short end for a long time now. Hijincks like this sooth the pain of the unjustified game banning, censorship and soon to be mandatory internet filtering. Not fix!, just sooth.

Both sites are down at the moment which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone

Source: ABC, read For the full story.

  1. That’s simply brilliant, haha.

  2. Awesome ;)
    Can anyone do that to the American one now?


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