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Samus Aran: Hot Babe, Bounty Hunter, and a whole bunch of other things. Samus is the main protagonist of the Metroid series, which follows her adventures and missions to thwart the Space Pirates, and their attempts to harness the power of fictional organisms such as the aforementioned Metroids. Not only that, but she’s well known as one of the first female main characters in a video game.

Samus caused quite a stir in the original Metroid, as gamers were led to believe that she was in fact male, with the instruction manual even going so far as confirming that. However if you completed the game in under 2 hours, you were shown a special sequence, revealing that she was in fact, female. Although she wears the Power Suit throughout most of the Metroid series, most games in the series offer depictions of her in more revealing attire, usually as a reward for satisfying certain condition, such as collecting all items or clearing the game in a certain amount of time.

According to the Metroid 2: Return of Samus game manual, she is 90KG and 1.9 meters tall. This is probably with the Power Suit on. Armed with a cybernetic Power Suit built by the Chozo, an ancient, highly intelligent race, she is a fearsome opponent in battle. She hunts Space Pirates and the famous energy-draining alien parasites everyone already seems to be familiar with, while completing missions given by the Galactic Federation.

Samus through the years

Samus through the years

Samus’s main feature is her Power Suit. It was crafted for her by the Chozo of the Planet Zebes. The Power Suit’s main purpose is to protect her from adverse environments and enemy fire. Throughout her many adventures she has had quite a few variations of the suit when it has been powered up, or exposed to certain environments. The suits variations are as follows; the Varia Suit, the Gravity Suit, the Phazon Suit, the PED Suit, the Dark Suit, and the Light Suit, as well as her suits in Metroid Fusion, the Fusion Suit and Omega Fusion Suit.

While some suits are stronger than others and have different abilities, but all include her main weapon: a built-in arm cannon. The cannon can be upgraded with different types of beams, and it allows her to shoot missiles as well as energy beams. Her suit can also be upgraded giving her extra abilities, such as the Screw Attack or the Spider Ball.

Outside of her Power Suit Samus still has extraordinary abilities. She can run faster, jump higher and is alot tougher than any normal human. She was infused Chozo DNA shortly after being brought to Zebes by the Chozo after the death of her parents, so this may explain her enhanced abilities. She is also ridiculously flexible, this allows her to squeeze through morph-ball sized openings.


Samus 1 : Metroid 0

During the Metroid Fusion game, Samus is infused with the DNA of an infant Metroid, to save her from an X-Parasite infection. Her DNA is now all scrambled making her a Human/Chozo/Metroid hybrid, ironically making her the last surviving Metroid. The word Metroid is “Chozo” for Ultimate Warrior, a fitting title I must say.

Samus doesn’t just ride around the galaxy/universe, she cruises. She has had a few different Gunships in her time, but all of them are of the “Hunter” class, doesn’t that just command respect? It’s mainly used for fast travel, but it’s also equipped in case of combat, Its armaments include twin power beam turrets and a retractable rear mounted plasma beam. It’s advanced cockpit features both a mobile energy recharge system for her power suit and a micro factory for the production of ammo. There is no other ship like it, and it’s got clearly identifiable features. If the ship has a name, we haven’t been told, but I bet it’s got a girls name, something like “Betty”.

Our hero has starred in a total of 10 Metroid games:

  • Metroid – NES – 1986
  • Metroid 2: Return Of Samus – GameBoy – 1991
  • Super Metroid – SNES – 1994
  • Metroid Prime – GameCube – 2002
  • Metroid Fusion – GBA – 2002
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – 2004
  • Metroid Zero Mission – GBA – 2004
  • Metroid Prime Pinball – 2005
  • Metroid Prime: Hunters – 2006
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – 2007

She has also appeared in other games, such as the Super Smash Bro’s series, and made cameos in titles like Super Mario RPG and a number of Kirby games.

This femme fatale is recognised as one of Nintendo’s biggest icons, with got a massive fanbase, and for good reason. She’s one tough gal and you definitely don’t want to mess with her, especially with such huge weapon arsenal and range of abilities that make her one of the most badass game characters out there.

So even though she’s a woman, she’ll still kick your ass.

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  1. Whenever she’s a blond instead of a Brunette, all I can do is look into her blue eyes and say “Samus Aryan”.

    What’s the best game out of all those listed? I’d say Super Metroid, easily.

  2. why do drawings of video game women always look so damn hot? if the girl in the top pic existed in real life, she’d be close to perfect.

  3. That Metroid 0 pic is amazing.

  4. avatar Hitmaker


    The drawing on the top was actually based on a photo. The girl does exist in real life.

    Roberta Murgo

  5. @Hitmaker
    Wow *drools*

  6. Its kind of sad that my friends only figured out she was a girl AFTER they played super smash brothers on the N64

  7. My Smash character! From the N64, all the way to the wii she has been the character I play as on Super Smash Brothers. Unfortunatley I played that before any Metroid game, so the transition was weird.

  8. avatar nomada

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  9. avatar Terrance D

    I remember the top picture as well as a painting being sold on E-Bay roughly $120, did want to buy, but E-bay stopped accepting money orders on shit and I don’t have a credit card. For “Samus Through the Years,” I’ve played 1,2 and super 1000 times (actually had 2nd for world record at time in 1998 on super with 1:22:13) and never really payed attention to how different all three of the suits actually were. As for “Samus 1, Metroid 0,” there’ll be alot more of that happening in the near future, June 27. Awesome pictures, I like the top the best since I do know it was hand drawn at one point.

  10. avatar Necati

    Samus may have a great body and beautiful face, but her ass? is sulsiiprngry fat in Zero Mission. If an overweight chick had her Zero Mission ass, everyone would call it fat.Lara would put Samus over her knees and spank her. Just imagine how humiliated Samus would be from Lara’s comments about how much the ass jiggles when spanked.I guess old school Samus fans still can’t accept that their perfect heroine had a fat ass underneath her power suit. No wonder she hid it for 15 years.

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