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Haven’t heard that much about Obama lately, eh? Well that’s about to change.

No, Obama doesn’t play Aion, the new MMO in town, but someone is definitely a fan. In all seriousness, though, Aion looks like a pretty awesome game.

I henceforth dub this game “Wow with Wings”. With the Commander-In-Chief in charge, will WoW finally be stripped of the Championship Belt? Find out in Fall 2009, when the “Title” match is scheduled to occur (Aion’s US release date).


  1. omg lol, that is pretty funny.

  2. The flight paths, the stealth animation, the character models; all scream WoW.

    I can dig this game when it comes out. The Angel Coronation and flying aspect look epic.

  3. avatar Name (Required)

    I think it’s interesting looking, but who can ever honestly see WoW being dethroned?

  4. @Name
    It was a joke; it will most likely be another FFXI successful niche title. The only thing capable of dethroning WoW will be Blizzard itself, but they’ll wait until WoW is completely saturated before that happens.

  5. What happens if the President gets assassinated in an MMO?

  6. “What happens if the President gets assassinated in an MMO?”

    George Dubya comes back :o s

  7. I got dibs on being Clinton!!!
    This game looks amazing.

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