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While, even as I type, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 users are sending fireballs and upside-down spinning bird kicks to opponents all over the world, PC gamers are stuck cracking their knuckles and washing their camo trousers in anticipation. So why the delay? Well, according to Capcom, it has nothing to do with piracy anyway.

Speaking to, Christian Svensson, Capcom vice president, business development and strategic planning, claims that suggestions of piracy being the cause of the delay are “completely absurd”. He instead cites the reason for a summer release date is simply due to the game not being finished in time.

“Well the answer is the game’s not done,” Svensson said. “So, to put things into perspective, the Street Fighter IV team is working on two things right now. They’re finishing the PC SKU, and people are like, well the arcade was the PC, how hard can it be? Well we had all of these additions for the console version in terms of content that didn’t exist on the PC. All of that needs to be rolled back in.

“We have to do an online integration with an online service. I won’t discuss which one yet because it hasn’t been announced yet. Obviously the arcade had no online. Here we have an online integration that has to be done. We have to optimise the game for a variety of configurations, both up and down, so that it looks pretty on things that are more powerful than the arcade system and it runs well and at 60 frames per second on things that are considerably less powerful, so we sell to more than the top two per cent of the market.”

Svensson’s explanation seems fairly justified, much like his response to PC owners who feel hard done by that it was only their version of the game that was held back. The thinking behind that? Today’s economic climate does not allow for delays like this, with Capcom aware that they need to make their “numbers within certain financial years or quarters”.

If you can take Christian Svensson’s word for gospel, one of the bonuses for a longer wait should be the inclusion of “a few extra bells and whistles”. According to the Capcom man, it could well turn out to be the “definitive version”.

  1. C’mon new character! Cody perhaps, to represent all the jailed piraters of the game?

  2. They should have just had it finished in time for a multiplatform release.

  3. avatar Quraishi

    Meh, I would rather have them work on Championship/Tournament mode for the 360 and PS3…..I didnt even know that the PC community liked the Street Fighter series.

  4. avatar jotunPIKK

    Well i would have waitet 5 years for a Wii version, but nooooooooooooo. No wii version.

    Guess i have to settle for a pc version then.

  5. avatar Woody

    I can’t wait for it to come out on PC. It’ll save me having to buy a Xbox or PS3 when I already have a sh*t hot PC linked up to my 37″ 1080p LCD!

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