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With the release date for Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams fast approaching, 2K Games have created a teaser website just to get us all in the mood. Featuring the kind of dark and disturbing imagery you would expect from the series, the page is sure to result in amateur detectives and conspiracy theorists everywhere dusting off their thinking caps and getting cracking on solving this case.

That’s right, it appears we have a mystery on our hands. A particularly mysterious mystery. Here are the clues:

  • LOCAL GIRL VANISHES IN MYSTERIOUS (that word again, sorry) ATTACK: A seven-year-old girl has been taken by an unidentified assailant. Maura Clune was snatched from her home around the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland in the early hours of the morning. The Clune family’s cottage was broken into via a window in the front room.
  • Maura’s father Eamon, a local fisherman, was awoken and gave chase to the attacker who traveled at “incredible speed”, even with the weight of the young girl in their arms, and got away.
  • Mr. Clune described the kidnapper as thin and above average height with some kind of red light that “seemed to come from his head”.

The website has a world map as the backdrop and an “X” over the west coast of Ireland with the date 2/20/67 scarwled above it. This is also a newspaper cutting detailing the above clues and a hand-written letter from somebody calling themselves J. Lynch, who is speculating the attacker may resemble a doll he found on the beach a few days before the attack.

There is a picture of the Big Daddy doll - originally seen in the teaser trailer - attached, while derogatory comments from what appears to be an investigator are scattered around the letter in red pen; you could say they don’t seem to be willing to take J. Lynch’s suggestion seriously at all.

Right, I’ve done the hard work, now go solve it!! What do we all think this could be?

Check it out for yourself:

  1. I think I should replay Bioshock 1.

  2. Having just finished the first one im so pumped about this! Kind of interesting there is no Australia on the map and that 2K Australia worked on the original Bioshock

  3. I’m thinking… that more pieces will be added to the map as time goes on. Otherwise, it would seem kind of silly to have put the whole world map there… otherwise, I’m starting to get a little excited for this now :D

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