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By: | March 22nd, 2009
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In a sign that Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 are on the release path for this year, Blizzard has unveiled the new system.

A complete revamp of the original online matchmaking system, BN 2.0 combines a steam-like game registration and downloading system, allowing people to “register” the CD-Keys of any multiplayer enabled Blizzard title. Once registered and stored on an account, the games can be downloaded and installed at will, which will be welcome news to anyone with old and busted Starcraft, Diablo or Warcraft 3 discs.

World of Warcraft users are also not immune. Players are invited to merge their WoW login details with their account, effectively creating an all-in-one system for any Blizzard title. The system is essentially an extention of their central storage for game clients, with Blizzard already offering free downloads of their WoW client software for trial users and subscribers.

If only I could find my Warcraft 3 CD-Key!

If only I could find my Warcraft 3 CD-Key!

Battle.Net accounts will also become part of a revitalised “Blizzard Store” which will most likely offer digital versions of Blizzard’s games for the first time, as well as physical copies to people outside the US.

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