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In regards to the new Ghostbusters video game at least. Wow this game has had it’s share of controversy! First, Activision completely abandons it in favor of milking established franchises, Rick Moranis refuses to come back because he’s retired, yet also busy doing voice acting work for Disney’s Brother Bear 1 and 2, and then Sigourney Weaver refuses to sign on because she thought “the game wouldn’t be of high quality”. She changed her mind a bit too late it seems, as Atari has already replaced her with Milano.

Ghostbusters has come a long way since Akyrod’s original idea of a “time traveling SWAT troupe with wands who battle ghosts”. Let’s hope the game does the original movie justice!

Ghostbusters the game hits every console imaginable in June 2009

Source: Joystiq

  1. I’m so excited. Maybe we’ll be better off without Miss Weaver.

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