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In the latest issue of Nintendo power they’ve revealed a tasty bit of information. Something regarding a boy, and something else to do with a blob. It sounds interesting though.

a-boy-his-blob-20090303012822149-000A brand new version of the classic NES game; A Boy & His Blob is being developed for the Wii. The game will be a 2D adventure with an interesting art style. So far it looks like it could be smashing good fun. A Boy & His Blob was designed by noted developer David Crane way back in 1989. So the remake is being developed around 20 years later. What a long time to wait. The game revolves around a boy and his buddy Blobert travelling over Earth and the planet Blobonia. Blobert has transforming abilities and can be very useful when you feed him jelly beans. A Nintendo DS version was announced back in 2005, but was cancelled.

Are you a boy? Are you a blob? If not don’t worry, you’ll probably like it anyway.

Source: IGN

  1. Oh my god. This is one of the first games I ever really got into. Every time you played it, you played it a different way.

  2. Haha awesome indeed, i’m def. in for some more blobbing.

  3. YES. I am mega pumped for this.

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