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We just reported that Majesco will be remaking one of my favorite childhood classics: A Boy and his Blob for the Nintendo Wii. Hit the jump and enjoy the new screens compliments of Majesco!


  1. I have to say, this looks freakin badass.

    • avatar Caio

      I feel like Hammerlock’s character only relaly works as a white person. It’s a clear play on the imperialist-era British hunter/’gentleman.’ I mean no disrespect to anyone, but it genuinely baffled me that he, of all characters, be considered a PoC, when my interpretation was that of a quintessentially white social group.

  2. avatar Zehra

    Aside from Tannis, Maya, Lilith, Moxxi, Ellie, (now the Mecromancer), Tina and the computer there raelly aren’t many women in the game. My initial thought in Borderlands 1 was that women were too intelligent to stick around on a planet fueled by testosterone and guns unless they were crazy. Perhaps my rationalization was a bit broad.

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