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Welcome all, to Gamer Limit, your source for all the latest news, reviews, guides, and editorials!

We are pleased to announce our first ever contest-giveaway. The prize is the incredibly addicting puzzle game: Geon Emotions for the PSN. A classic puzzler by Strawdog Studios, Geon Emotions is a mixture between Pac-Man, and Marble Madness. Read on to find out how to enter!

Want to win Geon for free? All you have to do is create a user name, and post a comment here stating what Gamer Limit’s tagline should be. (IE: Pushing Gaming news to the Limit).


The winner will be chosen in a week’s time, and only registered users will be considered, (your name has to be in red in the comments section) otherwise we cannot contact you.
Thanks for participating, from Gamer Limit, and enjoy yourself!

Update: Congratulations SolidHawk16!

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Terms and Conditions:

1) Open to US. Residents only (sorry our key is only available on the US PSN store).
2) Staff members or affiliates of Gamer Limit are not allowed to enter.
3) One entry per household
4) Entries posted will be under the ownership of Gamer Limit
5) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff
Your first submission will be considered final

  1. Gamerlimit, a gamers unlimited source for gaming news!

    bold limit in unlimited

  2. Meh, I guess i’ll try.

    “Pushing the limit for every gamer”

    Sounds kinda cheesy, maybe I will think of a better one later.

  3. The Gamer Limit – Because The Regular Limit’s Just Not Good Enough

  4. Pushing the gaming news over and beyond the limit.

  5. the gamer limit, knows no limits

  6. Just to clarify – it doesn’t have to have “limit” in the tagline, and you only get one entry.

    Good luck!

  7. To infinite and beyond!

  8. Community with no limits.

  9. The Gamer Limit
    “Providing gaming news faster then a hungry fat kid in a all you can eat buffet”

  10. Gamer Limt
    “If you don’t chew Big Red then fuck you.”

  11. The Gamer Limit
    “What you should know”

  12. avatar Paladinaz

    Gamer limit:
    “Fuck the limits”


  13. avatar KamGen

    Haha, I like CBolt’s.

  14. avatar wampdog29

    The Limit of the Gamers, is our limit.

  15. @Wampdog29

    If you’re in the neighborhood again, register and repost

  16. avatar racing

    Why does it hurt when i poke myself in the eye?

  17. Haha, racing’s made me laugh

    Gamer Limit

    “Games is our limit.”

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