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With a tandem of demos of two of the Spring’s biggest games, games we have to review, and games on the ever growing (have mercy on us gaming gods) backlog, there ain’t no shortage of games to play here!

Ricky – Xbox Editor

I have the Halo Wars demo almost complete and the game looks like it’s shaping up to be THE console RTS. I still have to put some real damage into the Killzone 2 demo, but from what I can see, J.F. Fox is delusional if he thinks the story has any bearing on this game, Killzone’s thesis statement is to be badass, and badasses don’t have time for exposition? Ya digg?

Lastly, I have to play through Afro Samurai for review. Not to spoil the review, but if you’re looking for a fun, Ninja Gaiden type of action game to play this weekend, Afro Samurai would be an awesome rental.

If the gaming Gods allow for it, I’d love to play some Burnout: Paradise and start Call of Cthulu if possible.

David – Nintendo Editor

Hehe, techinically none of the games I’m playing can go in a tray. I’ve really only been playing Lock’s Quest and Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood for review. I was happily working my way through Lock’s Quest until I got to the mountain area and the game has been thoroughly kicking my ass. To alleviate this I took a nice vacation into Sonic and have been very pleased to find out that there are still good Sonic games being made

Other than that I plan to go back to the Resident Evil 5 and F.E.A.R. 2 demos for another run or two. I would love to go back for some Burnout Paradise too, and Derek and Derek from The POW Block and I all want to go try some level creation in Littlebigplanet. Hopefully time allows.

Chris – Editor-In-Chief

I’m still digging into my backlog of old games. Devil May Cry 2 needs to be completed again, and I’ve never beaten Tenchu 3 or Rygar. As far as next-gen gaming goes, it’s not in my tray, per-se, but I can’t get enough of the Killzone 2 demo. The AI is great for once, and although it’s really short, it’s incredibly fun to gun all the Helghast down.

Also, I’ve put about 20 hours into the Mirror’s Edge time trials, but never completed the game! The fact that Gears fans have downed the game for having little gun-play saddens me. It’s a truly fun and innovative game that shouldn’t go unnoticed by any fan of platformers. Other than that, I’m downloading demos and trials, eagerly awaiting Resident Evil 5: Wesker’s Badass Return.

Tim Turi – PS3 Editor

I’ve finally finished Okami, and now it’s time for me to test my mettle with Valkyria Chronicles. So far an awesome game with an engrossing story and really intuitive gameplay.

Besides that I’m ever facing the undead in Left 4 Dead, pecking away at Metroid 2 for Game Boy, and helping Pit slay evil the original Kid Icarus.

Additionally I plan to get together with friends and play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Call of Duty 4, and dust off the Mario Kart Wii.

Colin – Code Monkey

For the last two weeks I’ve been playing the game of code, it’s an amazingly fun game where you have to spend each day coding while constantly checking your stats to see how you are going… Yes as sad as it sounds I haven’t played any games for the last 2 weeks (woe is me), although I’m hoping to check out the Halo Wars and RE5 demo tonight.

All this begs the question… What’s in the tray?

  1. In my tray, is the Killzone 2 Demo, and Half Life episode 2 (PC). Soon to be in the tray, Far Cry 2(PS3) and Prince Of Persia(PS3).

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