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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have confirmed the release date for the first installment in the Watchmen downloadable game series. On March 4th Xbox 360 Users with a gold subscription will able to go onto the Xbox Live Marketplace and have the opportunity to take control of Rorschach and Nite Owl. Playstation 3 owners however will have to wait another day as March 5th marks the day the series will launch on the Playstation Network.

The Game is set to take place prior to the events in the Graphic Novel before The Government took action against the Costumed Vigilantes. This brawler style game is being polished up right now and looks very promising. A must play for Watchmen fans and beat em up gamers alike.

With this releasing only two days before the film adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Graphic novel being Directed by Zach Snyder hits Theaters. The future definitaly looks bright for this dark gritty story.

  1. I will watch the film, but I think the game will be a disgrace to the name.

  2. avatar MASS OCCUR

    if it’s another spider-man type video game, i’m out.

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