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By: | February 5th, 2009
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2008 was an amazing year for the shooter genre in the gaming industry. With the release of Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War, and many others, there is no doubt in my mind that 2008 was a great year.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2


Where is he going? He must think he is in Call of Duty 4.

One of the first shooters that came along early in the year was Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. This was the sequel the amazing Rainbow Six: Vegas which was one of the early titles for the Xbox 360. With only a year and a half in development time, was R6:V2 top notch like its younger brother, or did it disappoint?

Overall, this game did do fairly well with sales and the gaming community liked the game. There were a number of downfalls with it also , but that’s just my opinion. On the plus side though, they revealed a new ranking system called ‘A.C.E.S.’. Within this new system, there are three different types of rankings and each level up all the way to Level 20, each ranking required to obtain different types of weaponry and armour.

The first ranking class is called “Marksman”. To achieve “Marksman” points, you can either kill a sprinter, kill someone using a rappel, get a long ranged kill or, get a headshot. The next ranking class is called “CQB”, otherwise known as Close-Quarters-Battle. To get “CQB” points, you can kill an enemy behind their back, kill a visually impaired opponent, and/or get a kill at short range. And last, but certainly not least, the “Assault” rankings. “Assault” usually involves some sort of explosive kill. To obtain “Assault” points, you must either kill someone using the C4, kill an opponent using a shield or get a kill through cover, such as a door or thin wall. You will also unlock “Assault” points by achieving kills with the different grenades – either frag or incendiary.

The ranking system is XP based much like Call of Duty 4. You can get different amounts of XP for playing campaign, Terrorist Hunt, or different multiplayer modes. There are over 100 ranks, and 100 different A.C.E.S levels for each category.

Battlefield: Bad Company


Destruction with a smile.

The next big shooter that entered the market was Battlefield: Bad Company. Released late June; right when summer actually started to kick in, Battlefield: Bad Company is the latest installment in the Battlefield series, and it is the first title in the franchise to be made exclusively only for consoles.

This is the first Battlefield game to actually have its own single player that has a significant story, and does not solely revolve around the multiplayer. Since the Battlefield series has always been focused on multiplayer, the single player is really just an added bonus for this game.

Now onto the good stuff, the multiplayer portion of Bad Company. In this game, you can play with 2 game modes, Gold Rush and Conquest, allowing up to 24 players in a match at any one time. You usually play 12v12 in both game types and each team is divided into three squads of 4. This presented both negative and positive changes, being good for reducing the chance of screaming or singing into microphones (since teams are smaller it is contained) but it did restrict talking to just members of your own squad and not the team overall. I think the addition of a proximity chat would have been nice so you could be able to speak to the driver of your tank or jeep even if he/she is not in your squad.

Now to the game modes themselves. The first is called ‘Gold Rush’, which is essentially Attack and Defend, but rather it’s put into a grander perspective. You have one team of Attackers, and the other team are the Defenders. The Defender’s job is to protect the Gold Crates so that the Attackers are not able to blow them up and allow them to move onto the next base. Winning is achieved for the Defense Team by not allowing the Attackers to blow up the crates for the given time period while at the same time, killing the other team so their tickets reduce even faster.

The Attacker’s goal is to obviously destroy the Gold Crates, and continue from base to base until they have destroyed all of the crates on that particular map. The Attackers have to play smart though, because every time they die, they lose tickets to spawn, and when their tickets are all gone, they are not able to spawn any and therefore, lose the game. To regain and obtain more tickets, they must kill the Defenders and destroy their crates.

The second game mode is ‘Conquest’ mode, a Battlefield classic. If it wasn’t for the high demand for Conquest during the beta stage the game’s development, it would have not been included in the final edition of the game. Conquest is when there are five flags on the map. Your team’s goal is to conquer those five flags more than the other team so their tickets reduce to zero. Conquering each of the five flags at one time will grant you success as the enemy team no longer have points to re-spawn from.

Battlefield: Bad Company also has a ranking system similar to that of Call of Duty 4. You gain XP from destroying crates, defusing and arming the crates, killing opponents, winning games, and you can also get bonuses if you get a certain type of kill, such as a headshot. There are 25 ranks in this game, and when you reach the 25th, you are then titled “General of the Army”.

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  1. avatar Xbot

    gears of war 2 sucked.

  2. HA. No it didnt, sure it wasnt that much different from Gears 1, but if it aint broke dont fix it.

    • avatar Max

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  3. avatar Adam M.

    I agree Cloud. For people that say that it’s most likely not their type of game and will make a comment insulting the game.

  4. avatar Xbot

    Gears of war 2 was crap it felt more like a 1.5, too short, boring co-op broken online,crappy story, tons of bugs ect.

  5. Res 2. must have ran away.

    • avatar Camila

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  6. I didnt notice Resistance 2, and would Fallout 3 count as a shooter?

  7. It appears to be based off games he has played. Meaning if he hasn’t touched Resistance 2 that won’t be up there.

    Also Fallout 3 is first and foremost an RPG. While yes it is an FPS, that isn’t the main goal of the game.

  8. I suppose RPG first shooter second is about right, could of had honourable mention though. :)
    Res 2 is a great game that should be up there!!

  9. Yea I don’t think so Gabe, he hasn’t played Farcry 2.

    How different was resistance 2 from the original besides additional player count on live?

  10. avatar Quraishi

    Actually I have played it at a friend’s house, but I do not own it myself.

    And also, I had an “Honorable Mentions” list at the end of the article, that included Resistance 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and a few more games, but I dont know what happened to that.

  11. @Quraishi

    No idea what happened to it, but I’m editing in those at the moment

  12. For one, MGS4 shouldn’t be in that category as we are talking about FPS games and MGS4 is NOT an FPS game. As far as Resistance 2 it was nothing special from the first.

    • avatar Fernando

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  13. avatar Quraishi

    Isn’t there an option for MGS4 to be in first-person?

    And this is the Top Shooters of 2008, not top FPS games. How could Gears of War 2 be up there then =P

    And I don’t have a dang clue about Resistance 2 since I do not own a PS3.

  14. avatar Quraishi

    Sorry for the double post…

    Chris, you should also add GTA4 since its pretty much a shooter with some twists to it.

  15. Nice to see BF Bad Company up there. The destructible environment is ground breaking. The sound effects are awesome too.

    I imagine this was a nice piece to write. Good read, top stuff.

  16. avatar Nick

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is the only honorable mention I think should have been on the list. Also, I don’t think CoD:WaW should be on the list…

  17. avatar Xbot

    Even cod4 was crap, i dont know why it got so much hype though.

    cod-waw wasnt even made by the same guys that made cod4.

  18. avatar OEM software online

    SZQawS It’s straight to the point! You could not tell in other words! :D

  19. avatar Davide

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