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Number 1: Echochrome


Echochrome, a lot of people may not of heard of this little game. But when I first saw the cover in my local Gamestop I instantly wanted to know what it was all about. Luckily enough for me the game wasn’t confined to the PSP but existed on the PSN Store as well, so I hopped to and bought it. Boy was I surprised at the amount this little unsuspecting game had to offer.

Echochrome is a puzzle game. The gameplay involves directing a little mannequin man across a stage, a stage in a rotatable world where physics and reality depend on perspective. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? The concept is derived from M.C Eshers artwork, I’m sure you’ve all seen the never-ending staircase, imagine that in game form and you’re pretty close to what Echochrome is all about.

One Of The Simpler Puzzles

One Of The Simpler Puzzles

Echochrome is really one of those unique puzzle games that you come across that you never forget. When i first played Echochrome it gave me that tingling feeling in my tummy like when I first played Dr.Mario or Tetris. If you have a PSP or PS3 its a must buy. And if you don’t buy it I will personally come to your house and chop off your hands for wasting them on useless games instead of one of the best puzzle games ever.

So that’s it, the top 5. Unfortunately Innovation can backfire terribly, we all love these new and exciting ways to play games now, but sooner or later they will be used so much that they become part of the boring sea of grey gaming we’re used to. Either that or the game passes under the radar, unknown by most gamers except for the few who will pick up a title because of interesting box art.

Your thoughts? Opinions?

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  1. I’m lovin’ the list, I really am. But I contend that Wii Fit is not a game, nor was it good, even if it was considered so.

    Your number 1 pleasantly surprised me, and I’m glad to see Mirror’s Edge in the top 5. I wanted to make a first person free-running platformer since I was 12. Interestingly enough, if you count number 1 as a “puzzle platformer”, 4 of the 5 are platform games :D .

  2. I agree wholly with your list, apart from number 5. Although it was innovative I feel their are better games.

    All in all, good article :)

  3. Good list overall. Echocrome I thought was magnificant.

  4. Glad you agree with me, I know Wii fit isnt EXACTLY a game, but it was the first playable content that used the balance board. Thats why it was number 5, i was going to put in some honorable mentions but i forgot :P
    I dont think anyone expected Ehcochrome to be number one, one of the finest games of the year in my opinion.
    As for free running platform games, a first person racing game like mirrors edge would be great. ;)

  5. avatar Chris N

    I was hoping to see World of Goo on this list, but at least you did pick good ones. It is truly too bad that none of these games also made enough money for developers to take notice (except wii fit, but come one, put wii in front of anything and it will sell like hotcakes).

    For our sake, and games in general, let’s hope i am wrong.

  6. As a rabid LBP fan, I must give you love for including it on this list. A warning about Echodrome, careful who you play that with. Some friends just aren’t ready for it.

  7. @enigmaticsevens
    Its pretty weird alright, leaves some clutching thier heads and screaming. ;P

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